Mark Ruffalo exposes the official name of Avengers 4 and the weapon to beat Thanos

Mark Ruffalo Completely Spoils the Avengers 4 Title and Ending
Mark Ruffalo Completely Spoils the Avengers 4 Title and Ending

Be careful with spoiler! Mark Ruffalo attended as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and surprised more than one by revealing two details of the forthcoming Avengers 4 film.

He is genius and ended up counting unpublished details of the most anticipated tape of Marvel Studios. He unveiled the official name of the film and how Hulk will help defeat Thanos.

“You can talk about that or you’re going to get into trouble,” says Jimmy Fallon. To which Ruffalo responds: “In a way, in the past … Maybe I made that mistake … about some spoiler (…) Well, basically I ruined the end of ‘Avengers: Infinity War'”.

“Marvel has put me under surveillance. They have a lot of reach in the world and I have learned my lesson, however, Jimmy Fallon did not give up and continued insisting that he reveal” at least “the title of Avengers 4.

The actor accepted the request and before the shouts of excitement the public says the name that will have the fourth movie of the Avengers, but was interrupted by a whistle that included the production.

At another time, Jimmy Fallon again asked for another spoiler to Mark Ruffalo, he told everything his character would do at the end of Avengers 4. As in the first revelation was a ‘beep’ that blocked the whole story.

“Then (sound) in the final battle, Bruce Banner is in his (sound),” says the 50-year-old actor. After a long ‘beep’ he continues saying: “And he wakes up and says: ‘Oh, (sound)!’. It turns into the Hulk, it comes out of this tank, right? It jumps through the air, it is flying and flying (sound) through the city of New York, “and when it was to continue it is stopped by the presenter of the entertainment program.
These statements by the actor Hulk come unleashing a series of theories among fans. Some say that possibly everything that happened with Thanos was a dream and others say Black Widow could die. ” All these conclusions were given only by the parts that could be heard in the conversation.

The release date of Avengers 4 will be in May 2019

Avengers has managed to become one of the most lucrative productions for Marvel, because the latest installment ‘Infinity War’, surpassed the 2 billion collection worldwide, making it the fourth highest grossing film in the world and the first among superheroes .

The premiere of Avengers 4 could break all box office successes, but many still wonder if it will win against ‘Infinity War’.

What do you think?

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