Mia Khalifa surprised with photos on the verge of censorship from Florence and generated mystery: “Soon you will see why”

miakhalifa lede
miakhalifa lede

The former adult film actress made a post from Villa Cora that challenged Instagram.

Mia Khalifa became known when in 2014 her videos became the most viewed on Pornhub and although the model left adult movies, her career migrated to social networks where she appears as a queen.

In addition to the use of platforms like Only Fans and some collaborations she has done, Mia uses Instagram a lot to support her more than 27.7 million followers. She knows the social network’s nudity policies very well, yet she always seems to be on the verge of breaking them.

The actress is in Italy, and from there she posted: “Florence is officially my second home, you will soon see why.” The first image of the publication is a photo without a bra and with a washed face. The following are photos of her in a super colorful dress and a t-shirt or photos of her walks in Florence. The post surpassed 1.6 million likes.

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miakhalifa 293729151 121446480598328 692319512701557091 n

How many videos did Mia Khalifa film?

Although she became super famous, Mia had a short experience in the field, she only starred in 11 videos .

“People think I’m making millions off of porn. Completely false. I made a TOTAL of around 12,000 USD in the industry and never saw a penny after that. The difficulty in finding a normal job after leaving porn was terrifying, ” said the artist.


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