Yahaira Plasencia is shown on Instagram and photo hits fans

Yahaira Plasencia is shown on Instagram and photo hits fans
Yahaira Plasencia is shown on Instagram and photo hits fans

Yahaira Plasencia shared a snapshot without makeup on Instagram. How does the sauce boat look off the stage?

Yahaira Plasencia has earned a place on social networks and especially on Instagram, where the salsa singer and ex-member of ‘Esto es Guerra’ shares photos of her day-to-day life as an artist on the local scene.

This time, the interpreter of ‘Lovers’ wanted to do something different in their social networks and shared a photograph of her face without makeup, or touch-ups of Photoshop. Detail that surprised more than one on Instagram.

“My face without makeup before working! Peraaaa, now I maquillo” was the description of the snapshot of Yahaira Plasencia shared in one of the records of the social network Instagram.

The comments of the users could not be read because in the Instagram records because this option is not public and only the author of the publication can see them.

And yes, as could be seen in the snapshot, Yahaira Plasencia looks natural and without any retouching, making it clear that with or without makeup is very beautiful.

Recall that a few weeks ago, the salsa singer claimed to have been a victim of hackers, so she had to start again on Instagram.

After being hacked, Yahaira Plasencia decided to speak up to avoid misunderstandings among her fans. “Recovered account, soon news of Yahaira Plasencia,” the salsera wrote when she recovered her Instagram account, where she already has more than a million followers.

“I recovered my account, evil never triumphs”, expressed the former member of “Esto es Guerra” in another of his publications on that social network.

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