Astore spoke about the incidents in the classic: “Newell’s did not cause any inconvenience, no disturbance”

The leper president established responsibilities in the police operation and referred to the attitude of the Central soccer players in the previous one: “It is not good that we do not know how to handle the people who go on top of the bus”

Astore spoke about the incidents in the classic
Astore spoke about the incidents in the classic

After the incidents that arose in the preview of the Rosario classic last Sunday, the president of Newell’s Ignacio Astore spoke and referred to the facts: ” Our institution did not generate any inconvenience, no disturbance. The images and photos say it all “ , he explained on Radio 2.

Thus, the highest leprous authority, in dialogue with Zapping Sport, transferred the responsibility for what happened to the gestures of a couple of soccer players from Central, who are seen with their bare torsos singing on top of the roof of the bus upon arriving at Parque Independencia .

“As for the windows of the bus, I was in the vicinity of the Park and everything was great. It is not good that we do not know how to handle the people who go on top of the bus. Flipping shirts and going out with the torso above the roof is not good “.

And he added: “On the one hand, we hold meetings at the Ministry of Security, but then we have outbursts that honestly cause the mediocrity of our society, which is sick. It seems to me that the incident occurs in the roundabout, at some point something will happen important and we are going to regret it for life, as happened in La Plata”.

He also referred to the attack on Jorge Broun : “I spoke with a mutual friend who was in the Central delegation and I expressed my solidarity with the player. In addition, I valued his professionalism. Of course we repudiate this aggression, we do not approve of this type of actions, but what failed was the operation”.  And he added: “We paid for a police operation, everything is confiscated: before, during and after”

“They tell us how many troops are needed and the locals pay what they have to pay. We let the police enter the stadium and seize everything they want. Then I don’t know what happens,” he added.

Finally, he clearly stated his position: “I do not want them to hold the institution responsible, when we are part of the drama that our society is experiencing”

Then, he tried a kind of self-criticism: ” There are things that we are responsible for. It is not normal for there to be fireworks in stadiums. We are indebted to this . We are going to collaborate until this disappears.”

But he excused himself: “Now, this has to be extensive to the two clubs in the city . They have told me that they were going to close stands, but I saw that other events occurred and they were never sanctioned.  I do not minimize things, but I don’t maximize them either. I like things to be the same for everyone.”

Astore endorsed Gabriel Heinze

The president was consulted by the present of the coach: “I am very satisfied with the work that is carried out. I bet on the work processes. I do not see this as normal that happens in Argentine soccer of short processes.”

And he added: “I do not have to assure Heinze anything. He trusts his work and I trust him, his work and his collaborators. The work is in sight.”

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