Yanet Garcia filters video that alarms fans for ‘erotic scene’

Yanet Garcia filters video that alarms fans for erotic scene
Yanet Garcia filters video that alarms fans for erotic scene

Users demonstrated. The model Yanet Garcia shared on her Instagram account a video that reveals part of her work in Spanish cinema. The scene has worried its followers.

An unexpected turn in his career. The Mexican model Yanet Garcia, known as the Mexican ‘Chica del climax in the program ‘Hoy’, has stolen the attention of the inhabitants of Spain with her appearance in the main streets of the old continent. Through his official Instagram account, he has shared a series of content in which he shows how he is doing it.

Yanet Garcia has been away from Mexico for a few weeks to be present in the latest recordings of his new movie, ‘Bellezonismo’, of which very little is known. In a recent publication of Instagram, the ‘Girl of the climate’ shared with her loyal followers a video in which she reveals part of her work. The recording has completely surprised his fans.

In the recording of Yanet Garcia, we can see her sitting in a studio making some locutions for one of the scenes of the movie ‘Bellezonismo’. Although in its appearance there is nothing strange, an action of the editor who was in the booth ignited the alerts of the users.

The video shows one of the editors looking closely at one of the monitors. In them, you can see scenes from the film in which Yanet Garcia participates. The material shows a group of women in intimate garments and a single room. This has caused the users of Instagram to affirm that the ‘Girl of the climate’ has become a star of the erotic cinema.

The comments raised in tone on Instagram were immediate, noting that “would succeed” in this genre of the seventh art.

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