PlayStation does not want you to become an online bully, and this is demonstrated with a patent that aims to analyze your voice when you play

The idea revolves around creating an ’emotional profile’ of the player and taking action when negative behavior is detected.

Sony announces a mini version of the first PlayStation console
Sony announces a mini version of the first PlayStation console

Regarding patents, Sony is one of the technology companies that has carried out the most registrations in recent years. Many of his ideas revolve around PlayStation games and platforms, so while much of the offering only exists on paper , it’s worth taking a look at these original projects whose introduction to video games may be closer than expected. what we believe.

On this occasion, the Gamesual medium has discovered the approval of a Sony patent that has gone unnoticed since its registration in the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in 2021. According to the general lines of the proposal, it is a system that seeks to analyze the user’s voice during game sessions to take action as soon as it detects negative behaviors. This is how the official document describes it:

“Systems and methods for emotion detection and emotion-based moderation based on voice inputs are offered . An emotional profile of the user can be kept in memory for the user. The emotional profile can include one or more moderation rules that you specify a moderation action in response to one or more emotional states A communication session associated with the user and one or more additional users can be monitored based on the emotional profile. An emotional state detected as associated with a subset of messages may trigger at least one of the moderation rules corresponding to at least one of the emotional states specified by the user’s emotional profile. The presentation of at least one of the messages in the subset that is provided to the user’s device may be modified according to the moderation action specified by the user’s emotion profile.”

Beyond the patent summary, mention is also made of the implementation of measures with the intention of “solving the problem of negative emotions that affect the player’s mental health or sensory processing conditions during game sessions.” In addition, it can also prevent situations such as the use of ” bullying language “.

Other patents registered by PlayStation

Sony has registered numerous patents throughout all this time, and there are some that can be truly revolutionary in the field of video games. For this reason, we have echoed ideas such as scanning real objects to add them to PlayStation games or controls that change temperature according to the events that happen on the screen. These projects have not yet shown signs of life in the real market , but it is worth taking them into account.

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