A kiss that promises orgasms: the Singapore kiss

Kiss on the cheek, screw kiss, peck, with the tongue… There are many types of kisses but… what if I told you that there is one that is not given with the mouth? The Singapore kiss is a technique that promises stronger and longer lasting orgasms.

singapore kiss
singapore kiss

What is the singapore kiss

In short, it is about emulating during intercourse, through the muscles of our genitals, the sensation that oral sex produces on the penis.

With the Singapore kiss, what is sought is to enhance the contractions of the female pubococcygeal muscles, those contractions that appear during the female orgasm and that so many fans have, thereby causing a sensation similar to that of suction during oral sex .

Where does this technique come from? Thailand, India or Japan are countries where there seem to be ancient texts that already speak of the pleasure of “vaginal sucking”.

What it promises : bigger and better orgasms, which is not little.


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Don’t worry, although it all seems very cumbersome (because of the exotic names) you don’t have to do anything extremely complicated. So don’t beat yourself up for not going to stretch since you paid your gym fee back in 2012.

In reality, it is about putting into practice mechanisms similar to those that are set in motion when we work on Kegel exercises, so if you are one of those who works them often, you already have part of the way done.

If you’ve never done Kegel before, the muscles I’m talking about are those that you contract when you’re peeing and want to stop (more or less, to give you an idea). They are those that contract involuntarily when you have an orgasm.

The guideline would be to start by practicing alone to have a good muscle tone in the area, for this, as I said, it is about working with Kegel exercises.

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Once we have it under control, we can move on to practicing it with our partner. It is advisable to do it at a point where we are both already quite excited, after having done other tasty things. Because? Because it will favor that both genital areas are already irrigated and therefore in a wonderful point of sensitivity.

There are positions that encourage you to have greater control of the muscles in the area, such as when you are on top or lying on your back (with him on top or on his side). Find yours and… contract and relax your muscles!

The key is to achieve a movement that gives you pleasure but also makes your guy feel that rhythmic pressure.

The taste is not only for them

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Those who preach the benefits of this technique affirm that the “extra” pleasure is not only for them, but that we also win. The reason? That the contractions involved in performing this technique make the orgasm more powerful.

As? Because these contractions would cause the penis to stimulate the anterior wall and with it the internal structures of the clitoris (no, it’s not just the little button that can be seen from the outside).

There is a male version: the Pompoir

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Yes, they also have pubococcygeal muscles and “techniques” to work them that promise more pleasure.

In this case we are talking about the Pompoir (nice name, right?), which consists of exactly the same as the female version: contract and relax these muscles.

If you want to practice, it’s about performing / training with movements similar to those practiced with male Kegels. Note: did you know that men also have pelvic floor? No? Don’t worry, not many know, but now that you’ve found out… you know you have to exercise it!

The really important thing when putting it into practice

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If you are going to try it as a couple, it is best that you take it like that, a test, and enjoy the process, the “Do you notice something now?” or I squeeze but nothing happens here …

Take it as a great moment of intimacy that can even be fun (laughter and sex are a winning combination).

Sex is a “pack”, an interaction, an experience, a pleasant little while. Sex is pleasure, intimacy, laughter … not just reaching orgasm, so if it doesn’t “come out correctly” don’t get frustrated: the best part of the experience has probably been trying.

As with everything related to sexuality, the most important thing is that if you are going to try it, it is because you feel like it, because you are curious… The key for it to be a success is that there is no pressure (neither external nor internal), that wanting to do it “correctly” does not prevent us from enjoying.

Also, if we are more aware of how to put ourselves or what to do, we are putting the focus of attention on the process and not on the sensations, we are leaving the scene, being spectators instead of main actors, and that takes us away from the pleasure and the orgasm.

Efficacy… proven?

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It is true that, to the extent that its practice involves performing Kegel-type exercises and, therefore, favors working and toning the pelvic floor, it is something that can be positive a priori: better blood supply to the area (which always comes in handy for pleasure), better tone, better control, but…

But it must be said that there is a tendency to idealize oriental techniques and also a lot of myth around them… (well, as before almost everything related to pleasure: aphrodisiacs, techniques, etc.

The answer, then, to whether it really works is actually another question: what does it mean that it works? If what you expect is an orgasm that causes your boy to momentarily lose consciousness and you to be catapulted to the “Oh-limp” perhaps I should say no, this does not “work”.

And it is not that it is not erotic , it is not that it does not imply pleasure… it is that there are no “infallible techniques” , there are no magic and instantaneous buttons.

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The supreme pleasure, the one that makes our brain mount a summer festival despite the fact that it is January, comes from our attitude, from the complicity with our partner, from the desire to enjoy and that the other enjoys…

So don’t be obsessed with kisses from remote places as sources of the ultimate orgasm and look for pleasure here and now, being present and active, you’ll see that everything else comes rolling.

What do you think?

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