Amazon Prime will give gifts to Pokémon GO Trainers, so you can receive them

Pokémon GO and Amazon Prime Gaming are teaming up to bring exciting rewards to Amazon Prime members.

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Being a Prime user grants some prizes every month, apart from shipments and a prime subscription to twitch, it also has other sections dedicated to gaming in which month after month we can obtain complete and free video games, but recently the rewards come with Pokémon Go.

All people who have prime service will be able to obtain exclusive Pokémon Go rewards, during May they will be able to obtain poke balls and also lots of additional objects, all within the framework of the celebration of the festival of said application.

Starting from May 19, all people who have an active subscription to prime will be able to redeem these rewards, each one of them is exclusive and at the moment they can only be obtained through this means.

“This is a collaboration that will be very helpful to people who are dedicated to playing this popular video game, in addition to obtaining these improvements, it is expected that the following month will also receive rewards.”

It is very important to know that you can only claim once per account, to do this, you just have to go to the prime section and get the code, after this, go to the official Pokémon Go site and log in and enter the code, once we redeem it, we will have the rewards in our account.

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Also, an essential point is that the codes expire in 5 days once redeemed, so we will have to make the most of each of these rewards so as not to be surprised that we no longer have our items.

In case you do not have access to the website from a computer, you can do it directly from the application, just by touching the poke ball menu, clicking on the store icon and below the section should appear to be able to place and redeem the code.

These are the ways to be able to redeem these codes and also some of what we can obtain as users, prime, because some codes expire in 5 days, we may see quite a few rewards throughout the month and especially in Pokémon Go Festival 2022.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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