How to Download Instagram Videos with Your iPhone: Step by Step

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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While we browse Instagram we can find videos that catch our attention or that are important and of which we need a backup and for this, we need to have it on our device to do this is very simple.

You have to know that the Instagram platform does not have the function to download videos, so this in some content could infringe copyright, that is why it is not included within its native functions, however, there is a shortcut to be able to perform this type of action and support our videos.

All you have to do is download a shortcut using the following link through this, we can access these functions, the first thing to do is download it and followed by touch the button that says “ ottieni ” then add the shortcut, finally, we can open Instagram, go directly to a video press the three points and copy the link.

How To Download Instagram Videos With Your Iphone: Step By Step

Once we have the URL of the video, we must go to the application of the shortcut, select Instagram media saver and run it, within it there are several options, however, currently, the video download process works automatically, and with this, we can save ourselves steps and it will only be enough to execute the shortcut so that the video appears within our files.

In short, the only thing to do after installing the shortcut is to copy the URL, run it and we will have it ready in our file folder. An advantage of shortcuts is that you do not need to install third-party applications that could be harmful to your device, or that could compromise sensitive information such as location, contacts, passwords, or emails.

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