Does WhatsApp Web take time to open? Follow these tips to get your messages to load fast

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Surely using WhatsApp you have had conversations with many contacts, which translates into hundreds or even thousands of messages, this can make our loading experience a little slower and the messages take time to load, but this is a possible solution to said inconvenient.

Lately we have been observing updates by meta specifically for their WhatsApp platform, they are looking for it to be a safe, reliable, and fast application since many messages are of the utmost importance to its users, along with this it is also possible to use it from a website through its official page, however, all these functions can sometimes be a bit slow when loading messages.

This has generated some memes and publications on social networks where people comment that the service is slow for their web section, due to this, meta has listened to these comments and taken action on the matter, seeking to work to improve the experience and fluidity, The slowness is because it has to connect to the server and obtain a version of your conversations that are uploaded to the cloud, this includes all your texts, gifs, and stickers, as well as audio, all so as not to depend on your mobile device.

Another drawback that this platform has is that not all messages can be read since they are available until a certain date, so knowing all these problems, is it possible to solve them? Although Meta has published that they have problems with speed, there are some tips and tricks that we can use to improve the experience.

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How to fix this problem on WhatsApp?

For this we are going to resort to deleting the cache, to do this we just have to go to configuration or Settings and choose applications, once we are there we can search for WhatsApp and delete the cache, with this we should improve the loading speed and have a better experience.

Remember that carrying out this action does not entail risks for all your messages, in the same way, it is always advisable to have a backup of the conversations, these are done automatically by WhatsApp so that you can recover them at any time, if once you have carried out this type of actions does not improve your experience in terms of speed, the problem is clearly in the meta servers.

It is not known when or how they will improve their servers, however, they have already identified the problem and it will be a matter of time before they can solve it, to deliver better speed to the people who use their platform.

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