Who is who in ‘Welcome to Eden’: Netflix’s revelation series that is loaded with talent

Amaia Aberasturi, Diego Garisa, Tomy Aguilera or Albert Baró are some of the protagonists of the teen thriller. Now available on the streaming platform.

Who is who in Welcome to Eden Netflixs revelation series that is loaded with talent

“Zoa and four other attractive young people, very active on social networks, are invited to the most exclusive party in history on a secret island.” This is the official synopsis of Welcome to Eden, the new Netflix series that is already available on the streaming platform. Amaia Aberasturi, Diego Garissa, Tomy Aguilera, Albert Baró, and Belinda are in charge of interpreting these young people who enter Eden. A new generation of actors that arrives stomping and is going to conquer the public.

The five arrive in Eden wanting to live the trip of their lives, but it will end as they least expect it. There, Astrid ( Amaia Salamanca ) and Erik ( Guillermo Pfening ), the founders of Eden and those who manage the island, where the most important thing is to take care of each other while respecting the environment, await them. However, in paradise, nothing is what it seems and anything can happen.

But who’s who in the addictive Netflix series? Next, we meet the diverse cast and characters of Welcome to Eden. A very choral and diverse cast that is here to stay.


Zoa is the protagonist of the story and Amaia Aberasturi is in charge of interpreting this enigmatic role. “Sensible” and “matures from very early on”, is how she defines the character of her young actress in an interview with SensaCine. As a result of her complicated life, both in childhood and now, Zoa “decides that it is a moment to enjoy herself because she deserves it and, therefore, she goes to this island where nothing is what she seems”.

For Aberasturi it is his first leading role in a series. Something that, as the actress declares, has been the most complicated part of the filming at an acting level because “it’s not the same as making a movie”. And we have already seen the potential of this young woman in films like Akelarre, for which she was nominated for a Goya.

Zoa’s best friend is Judit, played by Ana Mena. Her faithful and inseparable battle companion who, although she is not invited to the exclusive party, she also attends. Of course, she does not expect what is going to happen to her. “She is the life of the party, a very funny and immature girl but who at the same time is pure kindness”, explains Mena of her character in an interview with SensaCine.

As Mena mentions, “it’s a very different personality from his. ” Although in recent years we all know the young woman for her facet as a singer, Mena is not the first time that she stands in front of a camera. Her popularity came with her role in the miniseries Marisol, la film.


Who is who in Welcome to Eden Netflixs revelation series that is loaded with talent
Belinda, along with Ana Mena, is one of the best known of the entire cast and the one with the longest professional career. Her career as an actress began when she was only ten years old in telenovelas such as Cómplices al rescue. But she, like her partner, in recent years has focused on music. In 2003 she released her first solo album and since then she has released three more and has sold around 1.5 million records in total.

Now, he returns to acting with Welcome to Eden to get into the skin of Africa. “A woman who likes challenges and wants to risk everything, but she is very ambitious and likes power. However, there is also a very great lack of affection, so she always wants to attract attention, ”she defines her character, Belinda.

Ibon is nicknamed by his partner Aldo as Chopin since his passion is music. Introverted and with family problems, the young man needs to get out of the house and make decisions for himself. “His dream of his was to be a pianist and they cut it off,” says the actor who brings Ibon to life, Diego Garcia. “He embarks on this very big adventure for him because he has never left his comfort zone,” emphasizes Garissa.

Like her partner Mena, the most complicated thing at an acting level for Garissa has been getting into the skin of a character so different from him. “That he communicates without speaking and that the public understands what is happening to him without many words, seemed to be the most difficult”, comments the actor. For him, it is her first leading role in a far-reaching fiction. And the truth is that he promises to conquer many.


Meet the cast of Welcome to Eden | Radio Times
Charly arrives in Eden to try to get rid of the guilt he has carried since he was a child. Despite his cockiness and clowning tone, the character played by Tomy Aguilera is a lonely and clueless young man who has a certain childlike innocence.

Although for the majority of the public Tomy is an unknown actor, fans of SKAM Spain will be very familiar with it. The actor, who has studied International Studies, gave life to Jorge in the Movistar+ youth series. Tomy is passionate about music and has several musical projects with friends as he has declared to Esquire magazine. In addition, this year he is also going to premiere the comedy Por Los Palos. We are sure that we will see him on more projects.


Albert Baró: Movies, TV, and Bio

Aldo, played by Albert Baró, is going to be one of the people who put the Eden Foundation in check. A mistrustful and impulsive young man who has always gotten his way, since he is a self-made man since he became independent at the age of 15. But will he achieve his goal this time?

Baró began in the world of acting at the age of 11 in the daily series El corazón de la Ciudad. Closely linked to the theater, as he declared to Esquire, the young actor spent a year living in Argentina where he made three films, five plays, and nine series. However, his popularity in Spain came with his role in Merlí where he played Joan Capdevila.


Who is who in 'Welcome to Eden': Netflix's revelation series that is loaded  with talent - Khabar Non Stop

As we have said before, the series has a very diverse cast and among them, we find a trans character who is brought to life by Lola Rodriguez. Maika is one of the young women who is part of the Eden Foundation. In fact, as Rodriguez states, Maika “is a technology freak and is in charge of security on the island.” “She has a lot of armor and an inner world because she has suffered a lot and in Eden, she has found her place,” says the actress.

After sweeping the role of the writer Valeria Vegas in her television debut in the series Veneno, Lola Rodriguez returns to the small screen with this disturbing Netflix series. “Creating a shell and coldness I liked, but it has also been a challenge to take it away from who I am,” she highlights as the most difficult part of Ella Rodriguez’s role for her.


Welcome to Eden' Trailer - Netflix Tudum

If you are a fan of youth series, Sergio Momo will sound familiar to you. The actor played Yeray in the successful Elite. Since then, he has carved out a niche for himself in the acting world. Something that he had always been clear about since he was a child since he has always been related to the artistic world -his father is a musician and his mother is his representative-.

Now, in Welcome to Eden, we will see Momo in the skin of Nico, whom he defines as “the clear example of disconnection with oneself and with desires, frustrations…”. Nico is a member of the foundation who tries to climb positions in it. He is willing to do anything for it although somewhat disconnected.

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