Hanbury, Rose Who is closer to the throne than Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Despite the Princess of Wales’ efforts to keep her out of her group, the model would continue to annoy Kate Middleton by being closer not only to William but also to the throne!

Rose Hanbury’s name has become a type of shadow in the marriage of the princes of Wales, and it is now being circulated that Prince William‘s supposed girlfriend would be “closer to the crown than Kate Middleton.”


Meet Rose Hanbury, Prince William's lover who was friends of Kate Middleton

Rumors swirl about the fashion model’s murky past and her alleged divorce from the Marquis de Cholmondeley, with whom the former history student allegedly had three children.

Rose Hanbury has caused a commotion yet again, and this time it is not because of her alleged relationship with Kate Middleton’s husband, but because she is filling a new position as a result of her husband’s new function within the Royal House.


Did Kate Middleton Ever Really 'Phase Out' Rose Hanbury After the Rumors of  Her Affair With Prince William?


An problem that, according to reports, would move Rose Hanbury much closer to the first line of succession to the throne, which Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales are likely to inherit in the future.

With the new coronation of Prince Charles, some roles would have changed, so Hanbury’s husband has been promoted to “Lord-in-Waiting,” a position similar to that of a lady-in-waiting that entails some functions, among which they place him very close to the front line of the British monarchy and would bring Rose closer to the crown.


What To Know About Rose Hanbury & Her Rumored Feud With Kate Middleton –  SheKnows


As a result of this, David RockSavage, who previously served as “Lord Grand Chamberlain,” will be invited to key occasions as well as representing the sovereign in royal acts.

His prior duties, which he performed from 1990 until 2022, included acting as a kind of counsellor to the monarch and guiding him at critical points in his reign, as well as carrying the crown on a cushion in his hands, a position that was taken from him when Elizabeth II departed Spain. United Kingdom, and following the reorganization of the staff by Carlos III, he ordered 100 dismissals, including that of the marquis.


Are Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury Friends Again?


She would have avoided public events or huge festivities sponsored by the princes of Wales and the House of British Royals since the emergence of rumors indicating the supposed “affair” between the eldest son of Carlos III and the researcher of the conservative politician Michael Gove.

Rose, on the other hand, has opted to maintain a very quiet profile, committing herself to her house and children, of which she presents a photo from her profile, which she manages alone, transcended.


Rose Hanbury, everything you need to know about Kate Middleton's alleged  “new Camilla” rival

So far, neither the British royal house, the princes of Wales, nor Lady Elizabeth Lambart’s notable granddaughter have commented on the allegations pointing to an affair with Lady Di’s eldest son, which would have occurred prior to 2019 when reported compromising images emerged between the two.

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