Behind the walls, Prince William and Kate Middleton are screaming

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Although the Princes of Wales have refused to comment, an expert has made scathing accusations about Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s relationship behind closed doors.

Perhaps it is unlikely that the princes of Wales will one day decide to stop being so secretive and talk about their relationship, but an expert has already done so and launched harsh confessions about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s personal lives behind the walls, and his statements would not be what many would expect.


Kate Middleton's anger at Prince William over his lifestyle: 'Making me  look bad' | Royal | News |


Tom Quinn, a former royal employee, verifies details about the royal couple’s genuine relationship, which, according to him, has frequent conflicts and has even been compared to a life in a novel.

With the publication of “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family,” a former royal family staffer who has published more than five books discusses the friction between Prince William and Kate.

“Not everything is sweet, they have terrible fights. Kate may seem like a very easy-going person and William too, but that’s not always true.”

Quinn considers the future “heir to the kingdom” and his wife as having a terrific temperament, so when it comes to talking, the employees in the princes’ home are completely aware of something that “stresses the marriage.”

According to his thoughts, the writer outlines one of the elements that have influenced Prince Charles’ son and his wife since April 2011, who have tried to maintain appearances even in their own home.


Prince William left the Queen 'disappointed' over doubts about Kate  Middleton - Mirror Online


The fact that William and Kate are completely surrounded is a major source of anxiety for them. It’s like something out of a Jane Austin novel. His periodic issues include “screaming” and saying hurtful things. “But, Kate is also quite level-headed,” she added.

Finally, the royals “want to be viewed as an ordinary couple, with the same burden of having children, working, and everything else that life brings,” according to a “former collaborator of Buckingham Palace.”

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