Kate Middleton’s favorite exercise to lose weight and flatten the bulging belly

We reveal what is one of Kate Middleton’s best kept beauty secrets

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has a slim and slender figure that has caused envy around the world, but to have a body as slim as hers, you just have to take a look at her exercise routine to copy her movements. We tell you about one of them, which is ideal for losing weight and flattening the belly.

What exercises does Kate Middleton do?

Kate Middleton is a great athlete and a very disciplined one since she rigorously attends a gym near Kensington where she takes aerobic classes such as spinning or functional training.

Hits or functional workouts often include exercises that tone more than one muscle group, for example, planks, which according to the “Daily Mail” is one of Kate Middleton’s favorite exercises, serve to lose weight and flatten the belly bulky.

How do you do an iron to lower the abdomen?

So we teach you how to do a plank correctly:

Step 1

Lie face down on the floor and place your forearms and palms on the floor at a 90-degree angle, bending your arms at shoulder height.

Step 2

Now lean back on the balls of your feet and hold this posture, while tightening your abdomen and controlling your breathing, which is very important, because it is the basis of this exercise. Be careful not to raise or lower your hips, because your hips should remain straight and horizontal to your body.

It is relevant that for this exercise to work you must do three to four rounds of 1 minute each and complement it with other cardio workouts or abdominal circuits to see better results.

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