Galilea Montijo outperforms Kristal Silva in feathers

Hoy program Galilea Montijo is fractured after a heavy fall
Hoy program Galilea Montijo is fractured after a heavy fall

The lovely presenter once again provided a lecture on how to wear a dramatic outfit and seem like a diva in a white gown, with which Galilea Montijo captivated everyone’s attention.

With a theatrical proposal and like a true diva, the presenter shines in a new session with an outfit full of feathers with which Galilea Montijo stands out with an ornament that makes her one of the season’s most photogenic and with which the throne is contested with Krystal Silva who also opted for this proposal.


Galilea Montijo

The season ushers in a return to “happy fashion,” bringing with it a slew of colorful trends and details like flowers, ruffles, and feathers to modernize wardrobes, and the businesswoman and ambassador of “Latingal boutique” is the first to adapt everything to your style and show the season’s last cry.


Instagram will load in the frontend.


In a photo session uploaded by Galilea Montijo with her more than 9 million Instagram followers, the look of Tania Rincón’s colleague, Andrea Legarreta, Ral Araiza, and others is praised, and she once again receives numerous praises, as she did with Krystal Silva.


Galilea Montijo hits with a youth swimsuit


For her part, the Netas Divinas host opted for a white ensemble with a romantic detail at the top by wearing a feather fringe in a strapless dress with which the actress from La verdad oculta y otros melodramas, Marth Galilea Montijo Torres gathered 21,156 likes on a post he shared from his Instagram account a day ago.

However, the “former Queen of Beauty,” who co-hosts the TV Azteca morning show with Capi Pérez and other drivers, would not go unnoticed when modeling pants with a large-volume top with many protruding feathers and added a touch of sophistication in the image of the Venga la Alegra host who headlined the recent cover of a magazine.

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