Prince William’s Children Give Him An Unusual, Hilarious Nickname

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince George and Princess Charlotte

We’ve digested a lot of royal nicknames over the years, but this one really takes the cake (or hake, as it were)! Following in the footsteps of British celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have reportedly adopted the nickname “Poachy” for their father, the heir to the throne.

To promote his new ITV show, Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours, Harriott met down with The Sun for an exclusive interview, but instead of talking about his new show, he spilled the beans on a peculiar chat he had with Radio 1′s Greg James, which revealed some dubious royal secrets.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte's 'bizarre' nickname for dad Prince William - NZ Herald

There’s this stuff we did on how often you shower. Someone once asked me what I do in the tub, and I replied, “Sometimes you have a little wee in the bath.” You don’t intend to, but there is an air of calm about the way you’re sitting there.

Greg then posed the question, “Could you cook a fish in the bath?” as our conversation turned to the topic of fish preparation in the tub. I responded, “Sure, why not? If it’s only a small piece of sea bass, plaice, or similar. A thick piece of fish wouldn’t poach properly, therefore you wouldn’t want it.

The cute nicknames Princess Charlotte and Prince George use at school that break royal tradition - Cambridgeshire Live

Anyway, Prince William and Kate were supposedly laughing their heads off as they drove George and Charlotte to school, Harriott said. William stepped in to the studio for an interview and reportedly remarked to Greg James, “The kids love it. “They thought it was great that you brought up the topic of eating fish caught in the wild.”

After using the phrase to greet a contest winner on live TV, “Why hello there, Jill,” which quickly became “iconic,” Harriott changed it to “Why hello there, Will. Poached, smoked, and poached.”

Prince George has sassy response to classmate on playground - NZ Herald


He elaborated, saying, “George and Charlotte now refer to their father as Poachy. [Cheers] Isn’t that wonderful and cute? In response, the chef joked that he might be decapitated if he was responsible for the humorous moniker.

In addition, Kate Middleton has a snappy comeback for William’s “complaining about her endless mane of hair” by calling him “baldy,” which has stuck. Prince Charles has no ill will against the Princess of Wales and instead uses the abbreviation “DoD” (Duchess of Dolittle) to refer to her.

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