Rose Hanbury would aim to oust Kate Middleton from the crown

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

According to recent versions that have gone viral, the Princess of Wales is in jeopardy due to purported plots by Rose Hanbury, a friend of Kate Middleton.

Rose Hanbury and the Princess of Wales used to be “one of the greatest friends,” but after allegations about Prince William’s alleged infidelity surfaced in 2019, Kate Middleton will have to keep a close eye on the British model’s claimed plans.


Is Rose Hanbury Now Royalty, Ousting Kate Middleton?! Tech Arp


According to the British media, a heated fight has erupted between a member of the British Family and a woman of noble roots, in which the purported lover of Prince William would strive to depose the ” Princess of Wales ” from the British throne.

Thus, details of the alleged plan that the ” Marquise of Cholmondeley ” would be preparing against Kate Middleton, who would seek to create more controversy so that the royal eventually decides to leave the home that she shares with Prince William in the United Kingdom and their three children in common, have also emerged.


Crisi Tra William E Kate? Chi È Rose Hanbury, La ''Nuova Camilla'' Che  Piace Ai Tabloid - La Repubblica


Although no more conclusive proof of these rumours has emerged to date, users and followers of the royal family believe that the former investigator for the conservative politician, Michael Gove, has finally achieved his goal because he has already gotten her husband a special position within the British Crown; therefore, they believe that Catherine, Princess of Wales will be relegated more and more.

Following Prince Charles’ recent major layoffs, in which Hanbury’s husband would have been sacked, word spread that David RockSavage will assume a significant role within the Royal House.


British Crown'S Move To Bring Rose Hanbury, A Woman Related To Prince  William, Closer To Palace


Rose’s husband would now be a “Lord-in-Waiting,” a kind of “lady-in-waiting,” which puts him very close to the front lines of the British monarchy and where today’s “arch enemy” of Middleton would also be heavily involved in affairs, or gatherings, on behalf of the British Family, bringing her closer to William, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker.

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