Kate Middleton will violate the regulation in order to humiliate Camilla Parker

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

The Prince William affair appears to have strained the Princess of Wales’ relationship with Camilla Parker, whom the Princess of Wales now intends to disgrace in public.

In the midst of the British family’s precarious situation, one of the many versions suggests the Princess of Wales’ plan to humiliate the queen consort for concealing Prince William’s relationship with Rose Hanbury, for which Kate Middleton would break a rule in order to teach Camilla Parker a lesson.


Kate and Camilla BREAK PROTOCOL as they fail to curtsy to Queen at Trooping  the Colour | Royal | News |


According to many theories circulating about British monarchy, Prince Charles’ family is severely fragmented, and everything appears to indicate that the presence of the “Duchess of Cornwall” has not been concerned about this union, on the contrary.

In the midst of the crisis surrounding Prince William’s suspected infidelity to Kate Middleton, the “stepmother” of Prince Charles’ children would have been more concerned with her “stepson’s” new and apparent romance with the “Marquise of Cholmondeley.”


Camilla 'didn't want William to marry pretty but dim Kate Middleton and  urged Prince Charles to help her split them up' | The Sun


That is why Catalina, Princess of Wales is willing to break one of protocol rules in order to embarrass her father-in-wife. law’s .Now that Camilla Parker has imposed additional regulations in order to “humiliate her,” Kate Middleton is unable to adhere by the new condition in which the future queen would ban any member from addressing the followers who are outside the palace.

Nonetheless, Prince William‘s wife is one of the most beloved among British people for what they say, but she has developed a sarcastic attitude and has shown little adherence to the laws of the British royal crown. In addition, the entire family problem has enraged Carlos III because it is overshadowing the coronation event slated for May 6.

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