Avengers 4: EndGame premieres first trailer subtitled online

avengers 4
avengers 4

Avengers 4 today releases its trailer live and subtitled through platforms such as YouTube to end the wait of millions of fans, who await the conclusion of Infinity War.

Avengers 4: EndGame premieres first trailer subtitled online

Live trailer and subtitle of Avengers 4
After waiting for several months, Avengers 4 finally released the trailer of the long-awaited tape subtitled in Spanish, in order to reach all its fans across the world who wanted to know what will happen to the most powerful superheroes on Earth, who They ended up falling after Thanos’ crack.

Previous information
Avengers 4 live trailer will be revealed at last Friday, December 7 through the Good Morning America program. Find the time to see the exclusive preview of the most awaited Marvel movie of 2019.

Through the TV program and YouTube, the official advance of Avengers 4 will finally be released and the title of the film will be confirmed, which will continue with the results of the fight against Thanos, because the Crazy Titan managed to destroy half of the universe thanks to the gems of infinity and a snap of fingers.

As it is remembered, the first official advance had to come to light on December 5, but following the death of former US President George HW Bush, it should have been postponed until today, December 7, where the Avengers will return with a response plan. to the annihilation of Thanos.
Although many considered that it is speculation, important characters confirmed the arrival of the trailer through their Twitter accounts, as was the case of Daniel R. (Works in SuperBro Movies), who confirmed the date and time of the release .

Avengers 4: schedules in the world
06:00: USA (C.O.).
08:00: MEXICO.
3:00 PM: SPAIN.

Continuation of Infinity War
The film will be the continuation of the disaster caused by Thanos and the gems of infinity, which caused the destruction of half of the universe and the disappearance of heroes like Black Panther, Spiderman, Star Lord, Grood, The Winter Soldier, The Scarlet Witch and many more, who would return in Avengers 4: Annihilation.

Avengers 4 could become the most successful film of Marvel, since Avengers: Infinity War managed to make more than 2 billion dollars of fundraising around the world, becoming the fourth most successful movie in history.

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