Google Maps: This would be the truth behind the mysterious appearance of Nazi symbols on the map [PHOTOS]

On the map of Google Maps appeared some mysterious swastikas, which are Nazi symbols, that surprised the users. Now we know the real reason why they are appreciated.

Google Maps: This would be the truth behind the mysterious appearance of Nazi symbols on the map [PHOTOS]

In the application of Google Maps appeared a mysterious swastikas which had no explanation and were accused of ‘Nazis’, however, it revealed the true reasons for his presence and you will be surprised when you know, which has left thousands of people impacted. users

According to Fayerwayer, several users on Twitter have shared images in which a swastika, the symbol of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, can be seen in some hotels around the world, which generated controversy.
However, the developers of Google Maps said that the swastika often used to mark the Buddhist temples on the map and have no relationship with Nazism. Also, they do not know why it appeared in certain hotels.

After this clarification, Google Maps assured that this bug was already completely corrected; however, if you get to see a swastika in the application, all you have to do is update the application or close it and reopen it.

Here we leave a series of images that Google Maps users captured and that show a swastika.

What are swastikas?

The swastika has appeared repeatedly in the iconography, art and design produced throughout the history of mankind, has represented very different concepts.

For many Westerners, the swastika is associated primarily with Nazism in particular; however, this is a mistake and the following video will show it to you.

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