Yanet García’s boyfriend ignores her in the middle of the video Scandal!

Former weather girl Yanet Garcia is completely ignored by her boyfriend Lewis Howes . And this is what happened.

Yanet García surprised her followers on Instagram after posting one of her funniest and cutest videos, where you can see the former weather girl asking her boyfriend Lewis Howes for more attention .

A video made through the famous Tik Tok platform, where Yanet García interprets a small scene in which she asks her partner Lewis Howes , “please listen to him.” A video that has become a favorite of the former weather girl .

Recall that Yanet García is passing the quarantine with her partner Lewis Howes, with whom we have certainly seen her as happy. And now he confirms that their relationship is in one of the best moments when making a fun video together.


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Yanet García conquers Instagram

It is worth mentioning that Yanet García, who obtained her fame in the Hoy program as the “weather girl”, has also managed to conquer social networks, where we can see that on her Instagram account she exceeds 13.1 million followers.

Platform that Yanet García uses as a means of work, since he constantly shares his best tips and exercise routines to keep fit, as well as promoting the “Fit plan” application.

Yanet García’s boyfriend ignores her in full video

However, this time she surprised her Instagram followers with a totally different content, where she is shown together with her boyfriend Lewis Howes in a fun moment in which the former weather girl demands attention from her partner.

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As expected, this video of Yanet García with Lewis Howes quickly reached more than 765 views, 58,000 likes and hundreds of comments from his followers.


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Oye!!!!! @lewishowes 🤪💕

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