Yanet García Boyfriend ignores her in the middle of the video Scandal!

Yanet García Boyfriend completely ignored by her Find Out why Lewis Howes did that. And this is what happened.

yanet garcia 2
yanet garcia 2

Yanet García New Boyfriend surprised her followers on Instagram after posting one of her funniest and cutest videos, where you can see the former weather girl asking her new boyfriend Lewis Howes for more attention.

There is a video on the Yanet Garcia and her boyfriend on Tik Tok platform, where sexy Yanet García is seen a small scene in which she asks her partner Lewis Howes, please listen to her. This  video that has become one of the favorite video of the former weather girl to keep rewatching.

Recall that Yanet García is spending this quarantine time with her partner Lewis Howes, with whom she has certainly been the happiest. And now she confirms that their relationship is in one of the best thing that has happened to her and she enjoying making vidoes with him and calls it a fun filled activity.


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Yanet García on Instagram drives her followers crazy

It is worth mentioning that Yanet García, who obtained her fame in the Hoy program as the next door weather girl, has also managed to use Instagram and the increase her  following, where she has more than 13.9 million followers.

Platform that Yanet García uses as a means of work, since she constantly shares her best tips and exercise routines to keep fit, as well as promoting the Fitness App

Yanet García’s boyfriend ignores her in full video

Yanet García Boyfriend ignores her in the middle of the video Scandal!

However, this time she surprised her Instagram followers with a totally different content, where she is shown together with her new boyfriend Lewis Howes in a fun moment in which the former weather girl demands attention from her partner.

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As expected, this video of Yanet García with Lewis Howes quickly reached more than 765 views, 58,000 likes and hundreds of comments from his followers.

Here is a list of Yanet García’s boyfriends

1. Faze Censor, sentimental partner of Yanet García

Faze Censor, better known as a two-time Call of Duty National Champion, was born on August 21, 1994, on Long Island, New York. His love for video games dates back to his childhood days, when he made video games with his best friend, playing games like Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda.

yanet garcia boyfriend name: Lewis Howes

Faze has his personal YouTube channel called Faze Apex. The channel, launched in November 2011, has more than 2.2 million subscribers and 321 million views. Censor’s most popular YouTube videos include; The most embarrassing experience! (Losing my vitality), My sister draws a knife on the killer clown! Amazing Fexe Apex! Among other. The couple began dating in 2015 after several meetings and outings. Faze fell in love with Garcia while watching her in a YouTube video. Inspired by her intelligence and beauty, he went to profess his love for her in a video on his channel.

The cute couple finally met on social media and began exchanging messages. Their relationship moved to a beautiful level when Faze finally visited Yanet in Mexico. They later publicly announced their relationship, much to the admiration of their fans. Ever since Censor met the beautiful metrologist, he has been a happy man. Interestingly, things have continued to move smoothly between them as they often appear together in the videos.

In 2019 Yanet and Douglas decided to end so that he could pursue his dream of playing Call of Duty professionally and Douglas also confessed that their relationship had become complicated now that his girlfriend was in Mexico and he in the USA, as he mentioned in a video through from Youtube to explain their separation.

2. Lewis Howes, Yanet Garcia new boyfriend

Only a few months after her separation from Douglas, Yanet found comfort with Lewis Howes, her new boyfriend from a few months ago and whom she thanked on Instagram for all the good he had brought to her life.

In March 2019, the cameras caught the couple kissing and from that moment everyone began to talk about the relationship of the ‘Weather Girl’ with the former professional American football player of the Arena League who is now a speaker. In February they enjoyed a romantic vacation and in May he was encouraged to visit the set of the program ‘Hoy’ where she participates as a presenter of the weather, this caused a stir among her followers who were jealous that she was premiering gallant.

Yanet García decided to silence the rumors about whether or not he was her partner and on Instagram she decided to open her heart to all the fans who follow her with a few words to Lewis Howes that would only confirm their relationship

The plans of God are perfect. The best kind of love comes when you least expect it. This love is so beautiful and I am so happy to be with this incredible man.

Yanet García added a special thanks to her new partner: “Thank you for all your love, for all your support and for building a beautiful castle for me. “However, what attracted the most attention was what came next and is that she was encouraged to reveal how she affectionately calls him and in the moments when they are enjoying their relationship. “I love you so much daddy gringo,” he wrote in his personal account.

Lewis Howes was not far behind and also confirmed their relationship: “I am very grateful for this magical love. You are a gift to this world and I get excited every time I see you because I never knew that someone like you was possible to meet, you are my best match. You have the biggest heart in the world, you are loving, kind, you work hard and humble and you make me a better man every day ”.

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