Yanet García is overshadowed by a photo of Jimena Sánchez in a bikini

The Fox Sports host rekindled a rivalry that seemed to have been left behind lately

Yanet Garcia And The Daring Dress She Wore To Report On The Weather
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Yanet Garcia gave much to talk about a few days ago after show off her spectacular figure in a routine exercise in Instagram , which made Jimena Sanchez responded with a photo in bikini genuine heart attack.

The Fox presenter made it clear in some publications that she also has a statuesque body, but it was just in a couple of them that she wore a prominent rearguard in true Yanet style .

As is customary in each of their publications, the thousands of ‘likes’ and comments were not long in coming. And it is that the image was so spectacular that he did not hesitate to spread it through his Stories.


Yanet García Uncovered Her Dark Circles By Publishing Video In The Natural

Yanet García still surpasses Jimena Sánchez   on Instagram by several million followers , but it is clear that in beauty the sports driver can compete almost on par with the “Climate Girl”.



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