Yanet Garcia and the incredible revelation that shook the social networks

Yanet Garcia And The Incredible Revelation That Shook The Social Networks

The weather girl Yanet Garcia that a part of her body is operated. Her confession shook social networks, especially Instagram.

Yanet Garcia is one of the most desired and media television conductors of the “Hoy” program. In recent weeks, the pretty driver has been on everyone’s lips when questioning the great work she did to tone and highlight her buttocks.

Yanet Garcia has demonstrated in a thousand ways that his defeat is natural and that is the result of constant training in the gym, in addition, a good diet and perseverance with his strict localized routines.

After so many speculations about the visits with the surgeon, Yanet Garacía decided to break his silence and clarified that if a part of his body was operated leaving his fans completely perplexed.

As they read, Yanet García was operated, but not of what everyone is thinking, but of his bust and explained in a recent interview for the program “Intruders”.

Yanet Garcia And The Incredible Revelation That Shook The Social Networks 2

“I accept it, the only surgery I have in my body and I will never deny it,” said Yanet García, referring to the bust increase that was made to raise her self-esteem.

In that same line, The weather girl confessed that her defeat is natural and that it is the fruit of 8 long years of hard work in the gym with her strict routines and a good diet that has made her known on several occasions to through his Instagram.

After healing the issue, Yanet Garcia continues to flaunt his prominent defeat and does not hesitate to share the various exercises that help keep the ‘charms’ in place. On Instagram, his constant videos and photographs are the endorsement of what was previously declared by the ‘The weather girl’.


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