List of Weekdays in February 2023 (7 Feb to 14 Feb Date Sheet)

Valentine Week
Valentine Week

Dates of Valentine’s Week in 2023: Love Week is come. From February 7-14, people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day and the week surrounding it. Each year, on February 14th, people all around the world show their love for one another by celebrating Valentine’s Day.

You’ll get it if you’re in a relationship or looking to get one. As Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, it is safe to say that February is the month of love.

Since each day of Valentine’s Week is associated with a different sentiment, those in love utilize the names of the days to plan gifts and other displays of affection. In light of this, those of you who are attached and are anxious about the February love date sheet need not be.

Valentine's Day Week 2023 - Full List Calendar from 7th to 21st February is available here - Preranatvchannel

Valentine’s Week Schedule: February Romance Calendar

Valentine’s Week is a whole week dedicated to celebrating romantic affection. Starting on February 7 and continuing through February 14, the 14 days of love have individual themes.

Valentine’s Day, the Rose Day, the Propose Day, the Chocolate Day, the Teddy Day, the Promise Day, the Hug Day, and the Kiss Day are all good opportunities to show your significant other how much you care.

Valentine Week 2023, 7 to 14 February, Days' Name & Date


Gifts, flowers, chocolates, and other thoughtful surprises are wonderful ways for couples to show their affection for one another. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend more quality time with this person and make some brand new memories together. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day by sharing your affection with those around you.

Which day of Valentine’s Week is it today?

Don’t worry if you can’t remember which day it is in Valentine’s Week; you’re not alone. We’ve compiled a full schedule for the Valentine’s Day holiday week for your convenience.

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The seventh of February is Rose Day (Tuesday)

Valentine’s Week officially kicks off on Rose Day. On this special day, everyone shows their loved ones how much they mean to them by sending them flowers. On this week dedicated to lovers, time is more precious than anything else. Look at these Rose Day quotes and pictures.

Love, passion, and romance are all represented by the color red. Valentine’s Day is the beginning of a weeklong celebration that includes romantic gestures like red rose exchanges between couples. The act of giving a single red rose or a bouquet of them conveys a great deal about the recipient’s value to the giver.

Valentine Week List 2023: Valentine Week started from today, know which day will be celebrated, see

Sunday, February 8th is National Proposal Day (Wednesday)

As the second day of Valentine’s Week, it follows on the heels of Rose Day. This is the day that the guy tells his gal how he feels. It is customary to ask one’s significant other to marry them on this date. Look at Pictures and Quotes for Proposal Day.

It’s the perfect time to pop the question or ask someone special to be your valentine. People show their affection for one another in many different ways, including through physical contact, written correspondence, and spontaneous proposals.

Adding romantic touches like a candlelit dinner, flowers, and chocolates can deepen the emotion of the occasion. If you’ve been thinking about making a lifelong commitment to the person you love, Propose Day is the perfect opportunity to do it.

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Feb. 9 is National Chocolate Day (Thursday)

The third day of Valentine’s Week is Chocolate Day. The custom on this day is to present one’s lover with a box of chocolates. On this day, sweethearts give each other chocolate bouquets and chocolate gift baskets. Learn more about Chocolate Day with Quotes and Pictures.

Given its symbolic meanings of love, loyalty, and joy, chocolates are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Couples often give each other chocolate boxes as tokens of their affection and admiration. It doesn’t matter if you get them a simple chocolate bar or a fancy chocolate box, you’re sure to put a smile on their face with your thoughtful present.

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February 10 is Teddy Bear Day (Friday)

Toy Day occurs on Thursday of Valentine’s Week. Teddy bears are popular among girls. On this particular day, lovers around give their girlfriends teddy bears in her favorite hue. Look at these Teddy Day Sayings, Greetings, and Adorable Images.

A teddy bear is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it conveys your love and caring for your special someone. Couples often give one another teddy bears as tokens of their affection and esteem. Give the gift that keeps on giving: a teddy bear. Give your special someone a teddy bear they’ll never forget this Teddy Day with a present from your heart.

Happy Promise Day: Quotes, Messages And Images

February 11th, the day of promises (Saturday)

The fifth day of Valentine’s Week is Promise Day. On this day, lovers pledge eternal companionship and the commitment to grant each other’s every dream. In a partnership, partners pledge to be there for one another no matter what, to help each other grow, and to make sacrifices for the greater good of the whole.

On this Promise Day, I hope you and your sweetheart will take the time to renew your vows to each other. In order to remember this Promise Day forever, make promises to the people you care about that you intend to keep.

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Day of the Hug is February 12th (Sunday)

Hug Day is celebrated on February 6th, the sixth day of Valentine’s Week. A loving and welcoming gesture goes above and beyond material presents to make any couple feel complete. On this day, people show their affection for one another by giving one other bear hugs.

On this day, partners embrace to show their affection for one another. Comfort and joy can be found in a loving embrace, and feelings can be communicated that otherwise would be difficult to put into words. Celebrate this year’s Embrace Day by wrapping your arms around the person you care about most and hugging them as tightly as you can.

Today is which day of valentine week -

Thursday, February 13th is National Kissing Day (Monday)

Kiss Day, celebrated annually on February 13, is the seventh day of Valentine’s Week. Kissing is a universal expression of affection on this day. In order to show their affection for one another, couples all around the world traditionally exchange kisses on this day.

A passionate kiss could also convey caring and understanding, making it a powerful and unique expression of love. Give your special someone a kiss they’ll never forget on Kiss Day, and give them the gift of a memory they’ll cherish forever.

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14 February is Valentine’s Day (Tuesday)

The week of Valentine culminates on February 14 with Valentine’s Day. There is no single “Valentine’s Day” tradition. Have a whole day of fun together and do everything you can to make your special someone feel like a million bucks.

Celebrate your love, passion, and intimacy with your special someone on this special day. It’s customary for people to show their affection for one another through presents, flowers, chocolates, and other special gestures. Spending time together, going on dates, and making new memories is a great way for couples to get closer to one another.


Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to express their undying love for one another and commit to one another once again. Inject some originality into Valentine’s Day by surprising your sweetheart with an unforgettable display of your undying devotion.

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