WhatsApp is closing on iPhone alone and audio does not load

Whatsapp Is Closing On Iphone Alone And Audio Does Not Load

This week, several iPhone users  (iOS) reported a bug in their cell phone when accessing WhatsApp . According to them, the application is closing on its own. Some reports also point out that the main problem is when opening the search for stickers saved in the app. In addition to the stickers, the audios received are also not loading.

Apparently, the bug is affecting users with iOS 14.5 and who have the latest version of the messenger. On Twitter , the falls are already being questioned. “I must have about 50 figurines lost in the limbo of WhatsApp because the iPhone won’t let me search for them anymore. It just closes the app. What a horrible bug,” said one user.

While the company does not offer an official solution to users, some people have reported that erasing the moving stickers can decrease falls. That’s because animated stickers consume more memory, overloading the app.



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