WhatsApp Plus notifies you when your contacts see your status


Today we will let you know step by step so that WhatsApp Plus notifies you when your contacts see your statuses.

Today we will let you know step by step so that WhatsApp Plus notifies you when your contacts see your statuses, so if this interests you, continue reading and of course, take note of this.

And it seems that the famous messaging application will notify you when your contacts see the statuses that you have published.

That is why this time you will be able to learn the steps to activate this WhatsApp Plus tool.

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It should be noted that WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that has many functions that the main application does not have.

One of these tools is related to the “States” since the modified program is capable of notifying you every time someone has seen your published stories.

So if you want to know how to activate status notifications, then we will explain all the steps to follow.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

When you post a status and you are chatting or doing anything on WhatsApp Plus, a notification will appear at the top of the interface that says:

(x person) saw your status.”

And in this way, you will be able to know who is pending your publications without the need to go to the stories tab.

Here are the steps you must follow to activate status notifications in the WhatsApp Plus application:

First of all, you have to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus and then open the messaging application and click on the icon of the three vertical points that are located in the upper right corner.

Access “Plus settings”, “Home screen” and finally, Scroll down and turn on the switch labeled “Toast seen status”.

The only thing left to do is post a status and wait for your contacts to see it, however, this feature is likely to be a nuisance on certain occasions, so to disable it follow the same steps, but turn off the switch.

As we mentioned before, WhatsApp Plus is considered an “Unofficial Application” by the Meta company (Facebook) and it is for this reason that it is not found in Google Play for Android.

To install it on your cell phone, you must download the APK from external sites, and then we will show you the steps you must follow:

First, activate the Android “Installation to unknown sources” option, to do this go to the “Settings” of your cell phone, “Security” and turn on the switch called “Unknown sources”.

Before creating a WhatsApp Plus account with your same number, you must delete your Official WhatsApp account.

The next step is to install the APK and lastly, run the .apk file so that everything is ready and you can use the app.

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