Google Photos will no longer be free in 1 month: are you ready?

Google Photos Will No Longer Be Free In 1 Month Are You Ready

Google Photo will lose unlimited free storage in exactly a month. The novelty, which was announced in November 2020, will finally materialize. As determined by the service, as of June 1, storage exceeding 15 GB will be charged.

We explained some conditions of the change, such as the fact that the limit of 15 GB will not take into account the quality of the stored image or video. In addition, files saved in the service until the due date will not be affected. In other words, this means that only images sent after June this year will be considered.

Although this number is not impressive at first, it is higher than that seen in other services – Apple’s iCloud , for example, offers only 5 GB free. However, if you want to pay for more storage, the cost-effectiveness of Google Photos remains satisfactory. Check below the value and characteristics of each plan:

For comparison, iCloud offers 50 GB for R $ 3.50 per month; 200 GB for R $ 10.90; and 2 TB for R $ 34.90. It is worth remembering that the service, being part of the Google ecosystem, has a connection with Google Drive, Gmail and other company platforms. In addition, for those who subscribe to the 2TB or more plan, free VPN for Android or extra storage is offered.

Finally, another good news is that most users will not have to switch to subscription plans right away. According to information from Google itself, 80% of people using the service will not reach the 15 GB limit for at least 3 years.

For the more willing, it is possible to circumvent the need to pay for more space, simultaneously using the free plans for different services. For example, if you use OneDrive , Google One in conjunction with iCloud, you will add 35 GB of free storage in total.


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