In what ways are and distinct from one another?

Trick allows you to choose which people will see you online on Facebook Messenger. Photo: PC World


On Facebook, the letter M represents a mobile device. It’s the mobile version of Facebook, but it has a different look and feel to it. The Log In and Sign Up pages have been optimised for mobile devices so that they load faster.

whereas on the contrary

H5 applications created Facebook touch, a high-end and feature-rich Facebook app. Touch Facebook is a touchscreen-optimized app.

Facebook Touch for Android may be downloaded using the URL provided in this remark. is a more advanced and feature-packed version of Facebook. Without an app for the specific mobile OS, it is designed primarily for smartphones and other touch-enabled mobile devices. As well as browsing your own profile and those of friends, you may also post comments on photographs and other content. Like the full version of, the feed on can show the most current as well as the most popular news items.

Facebook’s mobile site,, is a bare-bones version with few features. It’s designed for older phones and mobile browsers that aren’t as powerful. You can only read your feed and leave comments on the posts you’ve seen. Before, simply displayed the most recent view. A similar aesthetic layout to now appears, although with far less usability.

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