Instagram and Facebook continue to steal ideas from TikTok in their attempt to top it

Meta updated Instagram and Facebook Reels. Each one has received different news, some clearly inspired by TikTok functions.


Meta continues on its mission to copy TikTok in every possible way, as it did with Snapchat at the time. Now, those led by Mark Zuckerberg presented all the news that is on its way to Instagram and Facebook Reels. These are new creative tools with which creators can improve their content on both social networks.

The first of them, and perhaps the most outstanding, is that Instagram and Facebook Reels can now reach up to 90 seconds in length. This way, creators will be able to keep all of their content in one video, avoiding having to split their stories into multiple parts. This is a novelty that came to TikTok quite some time ago.

Another of them, according to the company from an official statement, is the possibility of importing the creators’ audio. Until now, we could only use sounds that already existed on the platform, but that has finally changed. With this proposal, they hope that users can create much more original Reels.

The templates are here. Do you want to make a Reel but you don’t know how to start? Well, now it’s much simpler. Creators will be able to use video templates they like, easily inserting their video and audio streams. If you want to personalize your content a bit further, you can. Yes, they were also inspired by TikTok.

Instagram Stories stickers are also coming to Reels. You can insert all the survey and rating type stickers —the one where you slide the emoji depending on how much you like or dislike something—, in your Reels. In this way, now your videos can be much more interactive, and you can easily reach many more people.

Exclusive news for Facebook Reels

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Meta has also released an update for Facebook Reels. Now, for example, you can edit, publish and schedule Reels directly from the web version of Facebook.

This is possible thanks to the Creation Studio. From here you will have all the necessary tools to edit your videos, insert audio, and even stream videos of your games on the platform; something that TikTok has also been betting on recently.

Also, you can use the voice overlay on Facebook Reels. Thus, the platform allows you to narrate videos, an option that for some reason was not available before.

Convert text to speech. This is another novelty. As its name indicates, it will allow you to subtitle your videos automatically, without having to write everything manually as we were used to until now. In addition, they have also launched Sound Sync, which will allow you to make your video move to the beat of the music.

Suggested Reels. With this new feature, you will be able to reach a much larger audience with your videos. Whether it’s from Facebook Watch, Groups, or the Feed, anyone can see your content without having to search too hard.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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