Why does the audience prefer Damon Salvatore to Stefan Salvatore?

Ian Somerhalder

Why does the audience prefer Damon Salvatore to Stefan Salvatore?

I’ve enjoyed watching both Salvatore brothers since the beginning of the programme, but if you asked me which one I preferred, I’d pick Damon.

Damon Salvatore began the series as the world’s greatest jerk before blossoming into the best friend, brother, and lover anybody could ask for.

Here are some of the reasons I believe Damon Salvatore is more well-known than Stefan Salvatore is.

1. A lot of individuals prefer Ian Somerhalder (who portrayed Damon) over Paul Wesley (who played Stefan) (who played Stefan). Then then, I’m not the best person to judge who is more gorgeous and enticing.

2. His on-screen chemistry with Elena is a major factor for his popularity.

Regardless of their romance, the chemistry between the two of them was far superior than that of Stefan and Elena. It’s mostly due to the strong on-screen chemistry the performers had. Some years ago, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder actually dated in real life.

3. His quick wit and one-liners.

Everyone loves the character who has the most memorable lines of conversation, after all.

4. Elena is the only person he has ever loved. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. Damon was the impetuous one, while Stefan was the more level-headed one. I can’t speak to who is correct, but Damon’s affection was more obvious. Since everyone thinks Damon loves Elena more than Stefan, it’s presumably because of this.

5. His personal progress has been phenomenal.

These two scenes make it quite clear what’s going on.

6. This is the final point. From villain to hero in a flash!

Back in season one, if you had asked me to choose between Stefan and anyone else on the show, I’d have selected Stefan hands down. Damon, on the other hand, was more defective. But in the end, Damon was the one who changed the most – he evolved into a better guy.

Just the fact that he’s more adored than Stefan says a lot about his character.


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