Facebook, you canceled, but did you think about it? Now you have 30 days

Facebook you canceled but did you think about it Now you have 30 days
Facebook you canceled but did you think about it Now you have 30 days

The social network extends the suspension period, when the account is frozen but not eliminated, to retrace its steps: doubling from 14 days to a month

CHISSÀ, maybe you were convinced by the “10 reasons to immediately delete your social accounts” by Jerome Lanier, the American guru of criticism of the digital world, to take out the Facebook profile. Maybe after the Cambridge Analytica messes. But then you felt cut off from the flow of news, you did not know what were the hot topics of the day, the friends gave you to disappear, the events jumped, the birthdays came to mind, communication was more complex and in short, in the end you have decided to get back on your feet. With all due concern for privacy. Too bad that 14 days have passed since the suspension of the profile, limit after which the cancellation becomes final and it is no longer possible to back down.

No fear. Now Facebook, perhaps just to react to the many critical fronts of these months and try to contain the bleeding of users that has already cost a million profiles in Europe, has increased that time from 14 to 30 days. A round-round month to think again after the suspension, perhaps impulsive, of the profile. Before crashing – just so to speak, files and information stay on Menlo Park’s servers for a long time – in oblivion. But, seen from another point of view, even more time before everything, but really everything, disappears.

To discover the news – that Facebook has looked good from officially announcing – was the specialized site The Verge. According to a spokesman of the colossus, the change was made precisely because of the many repentances out of time that the group would record in recent months: “The increase is due to the fact that we have seen many people try to reconnect after choosing the cancellation but beyond the 14-day threshold. The novelty allows users more time to make a truly informed choice. “

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