Nintendo, new Switch coming next year

Nintendo new Switch coming next year
Nintendo new Switch coming next year

According to the Wsj, a new version is due to arrive in the second half of 2019, although the differences with the original edition are not clear

GOLD PERIOD for Nintendo. According to the Japanese edition of the Wall Street Journal, which would learn the news from sources inside the Asian home distributors, next year could come the new version of the Switch, the ‘hybrid’ console launched in March last year. Strong of an unprecedented success in reception and sales. Suffice it to recall that less than two weeks after its launch, the Japanese console had sold a million and a half units, including 550,000 in the United States of America and 360,000 in Japan. At the end of last January the number of pieces had been 15 million and it is wise to bet that by the end of the year the figure will have to be revised upwards.

Now we are back to talk about a new model scheduled for the second half of next year. A timing that would be moreover consistent with the schedule established by Sony and Microsoft for updates of their consoles, with a new version every two years, two and a half years. However, it is not yet clear what the real differences could be compared to the first one. Perhaps the integrated display, to improve clarity, contrast and brightness (but not veering true the Oled, to control the price), perhaps the size of the console itself. Maybe to a ‘pro’ or improved version, a bit ‘in key Xbox One S or One X and Ps4 Pro. All while continuing to improve the Switch Online platform.

Something more can perhaps be understood from the forthcoming dissemination of the financial results of Nintendo, scheduled for October 30, at least to understand the pace of sales of the current switch and understand if a new version is essential to relaunch the deliveries. What is certain is that the new Switch will be fully compatible with the original edition and will most likely retire the Nintendo 3DS.

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