Facebook: how to use Messenger’s ‘calendar’ and more tricks to take advantage of the app

You will not be able to believe it. In this note, we will teach you how to use the less known and most useful tools of the Facebook Messenger app.

fb messenger 1
fb messenger 1

Did you know that in Facebook Messenger you can schedule plans and reminders from a calendar? Or that you can change the like button for another emoji? Believe it or not, it is entirely possible. That is why we have prepared a compilation of secret tricks and tools within the Facebook messaging application so that you can ‘get the most out of the interface and surprise your friends.

How to create ‘plans’ on Facebook Messenger?

As we anticipated, it is possible to create plans or reminders from the Messenger chat. What you have to do is press the button shaped like (+) and select the Plans option from the list of options that will be displayed.

Once you do this, you just have to choose a day and time in the small calendar that will open. When you press accept, a plan will have been created and you and your contact will be notified when the chosen date arrives. Until then, both of you will see a notification bar at the top of the chat. Useful, right?

How to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account?

Although in the past, it was essential to have a Facebook account to chat through Messenger, today it is no longer the case. Now, this tool acts as an application almost independent of Facebook. Instead, the Zuckerberg app allows you to register with your phone number.

In this article we detail the step by step of how to open a Messenger account without Facebook, but, in summary: you must enter the application for the first time and when registering, choose the option “I do not have a Facebook account”. Then, enter your number, the verification code that it will ask for and that’s it!

How to change the ‘like’ button of Facebook Messenger chat?

You may have noticed that all chats on Facebook Messenger have a ‘like’ button by default on the right side of the keyboard bar. However, it is not fixed; that is, you can modify it!

To do this, you just have to touch the button shaped like the letter i inside a circle. In the menu that will be displayed, Facebook will give you the change options. Enter the emoticons section and choose the one you like the most. The possibilities are almost endless!

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