Transferring your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone is easier than ever

Look no further, there is a program that helps you perform any task related to WhatsApp, whether it is recovering messages, backing up messages or transferring conversations between an Android phone and an iPhone.


When it comes to changing mobile phones, possibly the step that no one wants to take is to start WhatsApp on the new mobile. Although the change process has improved a lot in recent years, for example with the backup in Drive (only for Android), it is still a process that usually fails, especially if we want to transfer WhatsApp messages from one phone to another. other.

To avoid any problem related to the WhatsApp backup, it is best to go to a software that does this task for us. Much more if maintaining both conversations, images, and contacts is something very important to us. One of the programs that have the best ratings from users is iTransor for WhatsApp.

What can iTransor for WhatsApp do?

Basically, iTransor for WhatsApp is the most powerful tool to transfer WhatsApp message information between two devices, regardless of the operating system: Android or WhatsApp.

First of all, one of the biggest problems faced by people who change phones and operating systems is the inability to keep messages. iTransor for WhatsApp makes switching from Android to iPhone seamless.

Another thing we can do is save or back up the WhatsApp information to the computer from our mobile phone. Thus, in addition to saving it in the cloud, we can also have the copy in a physical place.

In addition, we can also restore our WhatsApp backup on our phone, be it Android or iOS.

How iTransor for WhatsApp works

One of the biggest advantages of iTransor for WhatsApp is that it is very easy to use thanks to a very intuitive control panel. All we have to do is download the application, both for Windows and Mac. When running it, we just have to connect our mobile phones and follow the steps.

Transfer the information, make a backup, or restore the backup. When the two phones are connected, you just have to select the option and then give the main button to execute.

Transfer messages between Android and iOS phones

This is perhaps the option that people who change operating systems need the most. And transferring messages couldn’t be easier. From the control panel, the program itself searches for all the information and prepares it to be able to transfer it to the new terminal.

If you want to know more or directly want to download iTransor for WhatsApp, visit its website where you can both try the program and select the price plan that best suits what you need.

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