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The penultimate chapter of Ms Marvel is a tribute. On the one hand, to a major historical event such as the Indian Partition of 1947, converted into a distant context for Kamala. It’s also a kind tribute to the survivors and the general idea of ​​the character’s culture of origin. All through a delicate and silent love story that advances through the argument to unite all the elements. Kamala, who traveled through time almost by accident in the previous episode, now finds an open door to her future. Everything, while her power, that redoubt linked to the person she is, to the way she manifests herself, is increasingly powerful and felt.

And through the unknown Aisha, Ms Marvel builds a journey towards the vision of the portentous of an unexpected depth. One of the successes of the series has been to incorporate ethnicity and culture as the line that supports the plot. But his penultimate chapter tests the formula in a new dimension. The beauty and delicacy of her story in two voices — the here and now contorted in a jagged line — is moving. Not only because the show breaks the paradigm of the obvious about the center of narrative power. Also because it gives a clear identity to the distant past.

Ms Marvel is a series that celebrates Kamala as a point of light destined to open the door to mysteries beyond her. But before building a universe that dwarfs the character, he embraces various symbolic dimensions. Kamala, in all her vitality, innocence, and will, is a new generation of creatures united with the primal Noor. But her link is also the look at what was and what will be. All are supported by a perception of power and its responsibility of enormous intelligence.

Aisha, an interdimensional traveler, and Hassan, a man convinced of the power of good, will unite their lives to create an unknown phenomenon. Love is a recurring and beneficial theme in Marvel, but this time, beyond an element within the plot, it is a response. What created the necessary condition for an unlikely superhero? What made a creature of unknown origin, almost eighty years away, decide to link her destiny to that of a human being? With her mystical background, her urban flair, and her teenage charm, Ms Marvel was a narrative experiment. Now it is the sublimation of the Marvel formula from unpublished regions and with enormous effectiveness.

A shaky future and an unexplained history put Kamala at the heart of the plot

For the West, World War II has been a point of interest in various narratives of pop culture. It is the scene of origin of several superheroes and emblematic stories in film and television. Ms Marvel poses the Indian Partition from the same point of view. With an audacity to thank, the writers decide to place the religious and political tensions as a rupture of something greater. And during the first ten minutes of the penultimate episode of it, Ms Marvel discusses how a superhero can come from history. 

It is exciting how the premise of the responsibility of power changes and becomes massive while the narration shows cultural fear from Aisha’s eyes. A witness of interest to the social convulsions of a society, the character is more than a mystery to be solved, he is. It is also an open door to carefully analyze the connection of the universe that the series poses with a larger one. Because Aisha, a refugee, mysterious, in full flight from the Clandestine, finds a place with Hassan. But also a conflict to understand and a look at magic and power more elaborate than one might suppose.

With patience and restraint rare in stories like this, Ms Marvel takes a break from her main conflicts to narrate an older one. In the same way that the Loki series devoted an entire episode to a doomed love story, Ms Marvel stops her narration to bridge the gap. She explores Aisha’s enigma which is also Kamala’s. She does it without rushing and turns a cultural and social conflict pierced by pain into something deeper. And she does it in what is perhaps the most emotional episode of the series and the best built on several different levels.

Ms Marvel, the new face of an incomprehensible level of strength

Aisha’s death to protect the future is a coup that gives Ms Marvel one of her most emotional moments. She also dares to link the past, the present, and the future in a single line in three voices. If Moon Knight gave Marc Spector a chance at redemption, Ms Marvel gives Aisha and the Underground a reason. The evil Najma reappears to become the dark side of a promise. How much can you risk without losing the sense of who you are? Aisha risked everything for love. The name does it out of ambition. Between the two, the Noor is an unfulfilled promise.

And it is then that Ms Marvel carries out her great narrative feat of the season. Again using time as a ductile thread, the script puts Kamala in the center of the flow of the story. From her origin. “What you seek, seeks you,” says Aisha about to die. And she combines the power that opens the doors of the dimensions, that creates what the future holds for her family. What gives meaning to a deep journey through a greater sensitivity. Ms Marvel manages to endow Kamala with an origin so original, sensitive, and powerful that she is moved to tears. This is a heroine that certainly depends on her ethnic background. But she is also one who is deeply linked to the power of love, to the bonds that unite and sustain the invisible. To all narratives past and present. 

In Marvel, heroes have hearts. A huge and powerful heart. And Kamala’s is that of Aisha and Hassan, that of a tragic perspective of an ill-fated destiny. And while the inevitable happens — the tearing veil is a metaphor for something more elaborate — it is Kamala and her story that will save the future. Both things together, create a new type of superhero. And at the same time, a great unknown for the future. What is power? In Ms Marvel, it is something specific. Love is a form of language. One as old as a dimension of demons waiting to lay waste to our world.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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