Ms. Marvel has just opened the doors of the MCU to a cult supergroup of marvelite mythology: who are those characters from the last episode of the Disney + series

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I have to confess that the first two chapters of ‘Ms. Marvel‘ was very, very uphill for me. The new Marvel series for Disney + sinned again by extending its first act too much and dosing the presentation of its characters with a dropper, but, luckily, episode 3 has finally made Kamala Khan‘s cathodic adventure take off, also bringing some What another surprise under the arm.

Spoilers for ‘Ms. Marvel episode 3 from this point on.

Marvelite mythology

In addition to a good dose of action, dance, and a good handful of revelations about the origin of the power of the main heroine, ‘Destined’ has brought to the MCU a piece of Marvel mythology that will surely delight the most gourmet fans. from La casa de las ideas and an essential author for the ninth art such as Alan Davis.

During a fragment of the chapter, Najma informs Kamala that she and her companions are djinns, beings conceived in pre-Islamic mythology and later adopted by Islam and Middle Eastern folklore, who is part of a group among whose names the “Clandestinos” stands out.

Ms. Marvel premiere date and time of the new Marvel series on Disney

This nickname invites you to automatically think of the ClanDestine —also known as Destines—; a family of immortal creatures that debuted in comics in 1994 at the hands of Davis and whose own series lasted for twelve issues before its cancellation. However, later, the same author recovered them in several self-contained miniseries and stories.

It should be noted that the Clandestines that appear in ‘Ms. Marvel is an alternate version of Alan Davis’ large group, molded for inclusion in the MCU. Regardless of this, there is no doubt that his landing in the shared universe opens a new path to plots and settings with which to enrich the Marvel Studios macro-project for both film and television.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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