How much is the Net Worth of Pedro Pascal, protagonist of ‘The Last of Us’?

Pedro Pascal 2
Pedro Pascal 2

The new global television star is preparing to continue conquering the world this 2023 with ‘The Last of us’ and ‘The Mandalorian’.

Pedro Pascal is in the best moment of his career

The Chilean-born actor continues to conquer television week by week with ‘ The Last of Us ‘, the new series that causes a sensation on HBO and is preparing to give life to ‘ The Mandalorian‘, two of the most anticipated series of this 2023 and that have surely helped him achieve a juicy fortune valued at several million.

Pedro Pascal 6
Pedro Pascal 6

If the name of Pedro Pascal is relatively new to you, you should know that he is one of the most beloved actors in the entire show business, thanks to his simplicity and charisma that have led him to be the protagonist of ‘ The Last of Us ‘, the new great HBO production that is about to break all records, with the Chilean millionaire actor at the helm.

Although Pedro Pascal is a highly experienced actor,

it was not until 2020 when, thanks to ‘The Mandalorian’ from the Star Wars universe, he reached the level of a television superstar, so from that moment on fame and fortune belonged to everyone. the days for the actor who has already become a millionaire.

According to the ‘Celebrity Net Worth’ site, Pedro Pascal managed to accumulate a million- dollar estate with which he could easily retire because, this 2023 fortune is valued at 10 million dollars, a figure that could be multiplied if the HBO series continues with the success.

Pedro Pascal 4
Pedro Pascal 4

With ‘ The Last of Us ‘ and the growing success of Pedro Pascal , the millionaire fortune of the Chilean could grow because, in addition to the aforementioned series, the world of cinema has also opened its doors with characters such as Nicholas Cage, who have recognized Pedro’s talent.

Pedro Pascal 1
Pedro Pascal 1

Pedro Pascal is undoubtedly the star of the moment on world television and puts the name of Latin America on high with the interpretation of endearing characters that have guaranteed him a place of honor and a juicy fortune after his performance in ‘ The Last of Us ‘, the series based on the zombie video game that bears the same name and is broadcast on the HBO platform.

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