Who is Kamala Khan, the new Marvel superheroine

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Who Is Kamala Khan The New Marvel Superheroine
Who is Kamala Khan the new Marvel superheroine

In recent years, teen fiction has shown something that is impossible to deny: we are very far from the silly and superficial stories that -for years- conquered television and cinema. Today the coming to age is a genre that treads with great force and, even more, a platform to talk about those key years (of discoveries and definitions) in a person’s life.

Diversity and inclusion: a different heroine

Ms. Marvel, the new Disney+ premiere, stars Kamala Khan, a girl who spends her time playing video games, is a great lover of graphic novels, and has an incredible imagination. Kamala lives in New Jersey, comes from a Pakistani family and at 16 years, feels invisible both at home and at school. In that strong struggle to fit in, one night he asks for superpowers like his idol, Captain Marvel.

What happens next? She gets them and transforms into the first Muslim superheroine who continues to be a rebellious teenager willing to challenge family and religious traditions and any established order.

Superheroes for everyone

After the arrival of WandaVision, which was the gateway for many to the Marvel universe, the superhero factory seems to have no limits: there is a character willing to win the heart of each one and if it does not exist, they will create it. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios declared that he is very proud to bring new protagonists to the screen.“I think it’s important that those who never thought of seeing a Marvel series are excited to see it. And then, of course, see the others”.

Heroine without a sign

Iman Vellani is the actress who will play Kamala Khan in the series and it is already confirmed that she will also have an important role in “The Marvels”, the second part of Captain Marvel. What caught our attention the most19-year-old Canadian, is that one of his first statements was that he does not intend to use social networks. Why? Because he understands that they can become an extra job and that this is not the time to expose himself in that way.

If you want to know a little more

For those who are not part of the graphic novel universe, there is a tidbit that is interesting to keep in mind. The series -like most Marvel fictions-It is based on a comic of the same name that was first published in 1977. Designed as the female counterpart to Captain Marvel, the key to understanding him is that he has four ‘series’: the first two starring Carol Danvers and the second two by Kamala Khan (narrative arcs on which the series is actually based).

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