Mati Khalifa, Mia’s supposed sister, wore a cut-out top that captivated everyone

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Mati Khalifa became a celebrity on social networks a few months ago, when she became known as the sister of , the famous Lebanese-American who was an adult film actress and then continued her career as an influencer.

On her Instagram account, the young woman shares photos mainly of her clothing and underwear set productions with her almost 2.5 million followers .
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Mati Khalifa (Photo: Instagram)Mati Khalifa (Photo: Instagram)
However, now Mati is experimenting with other networks and has started posting content on adult sites, such as “” , the subscription erotic content page that quickly became a hit.

Now, the model and influencer decided to share with her followers a video very close to the camera, where she wears a black cut-out top .

Is Mati Khalifa Mia Khalifa’s sister?
Mati Khalifa claims to be the younger sister of Mia, the former actress who shines on OnlyFans and rose to fame on social media when she came of age. “Yes, I am Mia Khalifa’s sister,” she wrote on her Instagram cover when she began posting photos and videos.

Mia had a fleeting stint in the adult film industry , but her fame spread with incredible speed. Today she is retired from the film industry and denounces the mistreatment she suffered during that stage of her life, which is why she moved away from the screens and only dedicates herself to her social networks.
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This is Mia Khalifa. Do you notice the resemblance?This is Mia Khalifa. Do you notice the resemblance? (/ @ miakhalifa) | Instagram
However, there is nothing that unites Mati with Mia, not even an image, which sparked rumors that they may not be sisters. The funny thing is that, despite the doubts of her fans, at no time did Mia Khalifa deny the rumor , which made most of them think that they really are family.


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