Who is Emilia Mernes, the singer who recorded with Duki

The 24-year-old has millions of followers on the networks and is considered Neymar’s “girlfriend”.

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Emilia Mernes rose to fame as the singer of “Rombai” in 2016 and after a few years she continued her musical career as a soloist. Now, the 24-year-old has released a song with Duki called “As if it didn’t matter.”

Emilia was born and raised in Entre Ríos , and attended university in Rosario. She was in a relationship with the Uruguayan singer Fer Vázquez. In addition, the young woman was also a model for the well-known brand 47 Street.

“I always say that Rombai has been a great springboard and a school. It helped me a lot to learn and to gain some experience. Obviously, in the music industry you are learning new things every day and as a woman artist I have the challenge of machismo that still exists, ”said Emilia in an interview with La Voz .

She added: “But it is a transition and we are more and more women and we are earning the respect we deserve. The decision to take the solo path and have all the responsibility on my shoulders was complicated ”.
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Emilia mernesEmilia Mernes (/ @ Emilia_Mernes) | Instagram

Are Emilia Mernes and Neymar boyfriends?
The 24-year-old also became an influencer on Instagram and was in the center of attention when she was seen very close to the soccer player Neymar and the dating rumors began .

It all started when the artist was invited to an exclusive New Year’s party in Rio de Janeiro organized by the Brazilian , who later uploaded a video dancing with the Argentine to his Instagram account.
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Emilia mernesEmilia Mernes (/ @ Emilia_Mernes) | Instagram
A little before that meeting, both were already interacting publicly on their social networks, leaving comments on Instagram photos . And by that time, Mernes had also made a musical collaboration on his song “No más” with a close friend of the footballer, Bianca Coimbra.
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Emilia Mernes, Neymar Jr. and Lizardo PonceEmilia Mernes, Neymar Jr. and Lizardo Ponce (Instagram / @ emiliamernes)
During the rest of the year, the exchanges on social networks continued and the rumors were never silenced, as Mernes and Neymar did not confirm but did not deny having a relationship


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