Mati, the sister of Mia Khalifa, is already a star in OnlyFans

Mati, the little sister of former porn actress Mia Khalifa, follows in her footsteps and is already an OnlyFans star… Check out her photos!

Mati the sister of Mia Khalifa joins OnlyFans l
Mati the sister of Mia Khalifa joins OnlyFans l

In 2014, Mia Khalifa was the most searched porn actress on Pornhub, even though she retired the following year, her popularity has not gone down, and everything she touches or records turns into money.

When she left the adult industry, Mia declared that it was just a stage of rebellion, that she had now matured, and that she wanted to turn her life around. She now dedicates herself to recording content for OnlyFans, a website that allows her to earn profits thanks to exclusive material.

But apparently, that taste for porn comes from the blood, because a few months ago a girl named Mati Khalifa came out, who claims to be Mia’s younger sister. Although her parentage has not been proven, she quickly rose in popularity on social media because of her last name and because of the sexy photos and videos that she uploads to the network, mainly on Twitter.

Mati, the sister of Mia Khalifa, is already a star in OnlyFans

Mia Khalifa has an account on OnlyFans and those who want to see her content will have to pay $11.99 per month. She has 425 photos, 42 videos, and 152 thousand reactions, figures surpassed by her sister.

Mati, the youngest of the Khalifa, has become a success on the website thanks to the erotic and explicit content that she shares. The young woman has uploaded 470 photos, and 156 videos and has more than 455 thousand reactions, which is more than double what she has the former porn actress.


Mati, the sister of Mia Khalifa, is already a star in OnlyFans

She doesn’t charge a subscription fee, which means anyone who signs up for an account on the site can access her content. But it does charge for commissions or private material, the costs are:

1. An honest rating on the customer’s male member: $25. And there is no point in being offended.

2. A personalized one-minute video: $140.

3. Two personalized photos: $60.

4. Access to VIP, which includes direct messaging with her and exclusive material: 100 dollars.

It is unknown how much money she has obtained through OnlyFans, but we do not doubt that soon her name will sound stronger because every day the number of her followers increases, as happened to Mia in her active years.


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