How ingenious! Ariana Grande was vaccinated and communicated it this way:

Ariana Grande received the Pfizer vaccine

Ariana Grande,Pfizer Vaccine

UNITED STATES.- Ariana Grande has already received the Pfizer vaccine against the COVID-19 virus and communicated it in a very particular way. The American singer posted a photo on her Instagram stories, taken from an episode of Sex and The City, where Jessica Parker says: “You know, I’m fully vaccinated.” This hinted to his followers, in the context of the pandemic, that he has already received his vaccine.

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the United States is recognized as the country that has advanced the fastest in the vaccination process. It is estimated that it has reached a number of two million vaccinated per day, starting with essential workers and older adults. Therefore, they would already be resorting to vaccinating all citizens, including the biggest celebrities.

Many celebrities from the musical and artistic fields have campaigned to promote the importance of applying the dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Ariana Grande is among the three women with the most followers on Instagram, with a total of 232 million. For this reason, it is important that you have given the news that you obtained the vaccine, since much of society generated speculation about the adverse results that it could cause.

However, he did not choose to make the statement in a formal way, or upload a photo applying the Pfizer, as other famous people did. She opted for a more original way. On other social networks, such as Twitter, his fans were very happy that their idol received this preventive method against COVID-19. It is not the first time that Ariana Grande is committed to health issues; A few days earlier I had shared a post about Mental Health Month.

The famous pop singer, who has broken her records with the album Positions, was not the only celebrity to get the dose. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger commented that he has never been more content to wait in line than when he got the vaccine. So did Jane Fonda, and Sean Penn , who described himself as “a happy man” after applying it. The first celebrities to be vaccinated belong to the realm of Hollywood and music.


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