Kim Kardashian has been accused of dropping weight to imitate Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande

kim kardashian ariana grande pete davidson interaction 1650453203
kim kardashian ariana grande pete davidson interaction 1650453203

Kim Kardashian expressed anxiety about the loss of her curves, as many of her followers believe that the diva is reducing her weight in order to seem like her boyfriend Pete Davidson‘s previous partner. The fan of Kim Kardashian seemed to be quite certain that the 41-year-old reality star had likewise altered her fashion statement in order to “keep up” with the comic book ex-lovers.

In response to the fashion choices made by the mother of four, internet users turned to Reddit to point out that Kim wore an outfit that was like that of Ariana Grande, who was the former comic book darling. The user commented, “That is pretty humiliating,” beside a picture of Kim wearing bright green boots with an all-black dress, while Ariana commented, “That is really awful.” Ariana wore neon yellow boots with a similar look.

Kim Kardashian Ariana Grande
Kim Kardashian Ariana Grande

Another supporter voiced their opinion that the fact that Pete plays along is even more of an embarrassment. A third user gave their feedback as follows: “This is eerie [and]. Some type of unmarried white lady with expletives in her name” One of the responses to the post stated, “Stop that is so (expletive) humiliating.” One commenter on the thread commented, “I knew Kim was going to lose a lot of weight because all of Pete’s exes are SMALL,” which was the gist of the comment.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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