OMG! Nathy Peluso has been nominated for incredible awards for the night of the Premiso Gardel

The Argentine singer continues to reap successes from her most recent artistic works and will be measured against great stars of the music industry.

Nathy Peluso

ARGENTINA – Nathy Peluso has been one of the most successful Latin artists in recent months. Her most recent works and collaborations have made her worthy of great recognition and, currently, she has become one of the most innovative singers in the Latin American music industry, which has now begun to bear its respective fruits.

And, since Nathy Peluso released her most recent studio album, Cramp, the Argentinian has not stopped playing on radio stations in her country, as well as in other parts of the world. Even in Spain, where she currently resides, the singer has been able to enjoy great fame, respect and recognition, to the point where she has become a guest artist at the famous Goya Awards .

Now, on the eve of the Premiso Gardel , Nathy Peluso has shared great news that has left everyone, including herself, with great joy in their hearts. And it is that, after all these months of resounding successes, the interpreter of “Crime” has been nominated for countless awards in which, sharing a place with other great singers, will be measured against the great stars of her country.

This is what she has made known through Instagram, where she has shared a series of images in which, preceded by a festive video of herself dancing, she has shown what the nominations to which she has been nominated have been. Namely, these are: Album of the Year, Best Alternative Pop Album, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist, Producer of the Year, Best Cover Design, Best Urban / Trap Music Album / Song, and Best Short Video Clip “

In several of these nominations, Nathy Peluso will compete against other great artists such as Abel Pintos , Babasónicos and Fito Páez . Likewise, collaborations of great importance, such as the one she made with Bizarrap, will be considered within the awards, so it is expected that she will be one of the artists to win a large number of awards the night of the expected Argentine ceremony.


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