WhatsApp Web: identify unauthorised messages

WhatsApp Web
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WhatsApp, one of the most used communication applications, has the option of being used both on a phone and on other devices such as notebooks and desktop computers, however, in the latter, privacy is weaker. The app does not allow more than one smartphone to use the same account, but when it comes to the web format, it can be used on more than one device simultaneously.

To avoid any hacking attempt through WhatsApp Web, you can follow some recommendations. On the one hand, checking the conversations and checking if another person intruded on them. For example, if there are messages sent that are not your own or if there are missing chats, or if dialogues were archived.

Another way to check logins is by checking which devices the app is open on. From the phone, you can access an option that allows you to know where WhatsApp Web was connected. There it will be indicated to which devices the account is connected and with that information, it will be possible to discern if someone has access to it.

How to check the device WhatsApp Web is at

  • On cell phones with an iOS system, you must go to Settings and there choose Paired devices. In that section, you can see the active sessions and what device they are on.
  • In the case of Android, you will have to click on the 3-point menu in the upper right corner, and then on WhatsApp Web. There the activated sessions and the respective devices will be displayed.

What actions may be taken to avoid cyber-attacks?

  • The Head of the ESET Latin America Research Laboratory, Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, provided the following recommendations to prevent data and WhatsApp account hijacking.
  • Do not enter the links that are sent by unknown numbers to WhatsApp.
  • Do not fill in the forms sent to the messaging platform with personal data.
  • Activate the two-step authentication mechanism in WhatsApp, using an authenticator application and not SMS.
  • Have a cyber security application or software that is capable of identifying potential threats.


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