The WhatsApp function that allows you to send messages to yourself

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
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The messaging platform listened to you and has just launched a new function with which you can send messages to yourself. yourself and keep a notes file within the app.

“Messaging to yourself will look like normal conversations,” said WhatsApp, part of the Meta conglomerate, which also includes Facebook and Instagram.

“But you won’t be able to make audio or video calls, silence notifications, block or report yourself, or see your online status.”

How to use it

If you have the updated WhatsApp application on any of the platforms you use it on, you just have to open a new conversation with your own number.

You can do this either by choosing yourself from the contact list or by adding yourself as a contact in the app.

Meta also explained that users can forward messages from other conversations to themselves and that, as with the rest of the information it handles, it remains encrypted both on the servers and on your phone.

Have it always visible

To have your conversation always available, you can use another WhatsApp feature that you may not have known about.

If you have an Android phone, just long press on the conversation with yourself, and the option to “Pin chat” will appear.

If you are an iPhone user, just swipe the conversation to the right and you will see the same option.

This option allows you to keep up to three conversations (they don’t just have to be conversations with yourself) at the top of your list, to avoid having to search for it every time you need it.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely adopted instant messaging platforms in Latin America.

Figures from the Statista website put it as the preferred messaging platform in Mexico, with 94% of users who have a mobile phone using it consistently.


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