WhatsApp already allows transferring the conversation history from iPhone to Android

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whatsapp 4

After it was revealed in the latest beta versions of the application that the launch of the function was already underway,  has finally officially enabled the ability to migrate all our message history from an iPhone to Android.

Through a blog post, the company detailed how its team together with the developers of both operating systems and the different phone manufacturers worked together to make one of the most requested features by users a reality.

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New Feature To Import Chats From Ios To Android. Photo: Whatsapp

Now, when setting up a new device, the option to transfer chats safely from one computer to another will appear, no matter what software they have. In this way, it will be possible to keep all our files, including text messages, voice notes, photos, and videos.

At this early stage, the new feature to migrate conversations is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 10 and later operating systems. However, WhatsApp plans to roll out “soon” on other Android devices.

“This is just the beginning. We are already working so that more users can transfer their chats safely when they choose to switch to another platform, “WhatsApp said in its statement.

How to migrate chat history from iPhone to Android?

To start the transfer process you need the following:

  1. Have the Samsung Smart Switch app (version or later) installed on the new device
  2. Download WhatsApp for Android (version or later) on the new phone
  3. Update WhatsApp for iOS to version or later on the old cell phone
  4. Have a USB-C to Lightning cable (or equivalent adapters)

Similarly, on your new device, you must have the same phone number that you used on the previous device, as well as maintain or restore factory settings. Once you have all that ready, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on Android phone and when prompted connect it to iPhone via cable
  2. Follow the prompts of the Samsung Smart Switch app
  3. Use the iPhone camera to scan the QR code displayed on the new device
  4. On the iPhone, press the start button and wait for the process to complete
  5. Continue with the configuration of your new Android
  6. When you get to the home screen, open WhatsApp and log in with the same phone number that you used on the previous device
  7. Select the import option and wait for the process to complete
  8. When you finish activating the new smartphone, you will be able to see all your chat history.

WhatsApp: how to deactivate the seen in your conversations?

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging applications, has a series of tools designed to facilitate the exchange of messages with our friends and family. Among so many recent updates like, for example, the speed of the audios, the messages that self-destruct, the expiration period of seven days for some chats, the statuses, you may have forgotten the basics.

Functions like the WhatsApp seen are so iconic, that there are times when we overlook that this tool can also be configured to our personal taste. That is if for any reason you want to prevent your acquaintances from knowing when you entered the application and if you read their messages, WhatsApp gives us the possibility to choose whether to keep the reading confirmation of our messages or deactivate it completely. If this interests you, keep reading.

WhatsApp Web: how to use two accounts at the same time on the same laptop or PC?

Many users use WhatsApp every day to communicate with friends and co-workers. That is why many of them have two accounts; however, they do not know how to have both sessions open simultaneously and on the same PC. If you have this problem, we will show you how this simple trick works.

Unlike what happens on a mobile phone – where we are limited to opening a single account – on a computer it is possible to access two accounts simultaneously if we use a trick, although applying it requires a series of steps.

Leave groups without anyone knowing

If you are tired of belonging to a WhatsApp group, but you are ashamed to leave it, you should know that there is a secret trick with which you can say goodbye to that annoying group chat and no one will notice that you left.

If you are eager to know this fantastic WhatsApp trick, that few people know, all you have to do is follow the steps shown in the following video that soon became a trend on social networks.


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