WhatsApp: learn all about the new feature vacation mode or archived chats

This function allows you to achieve the dream of disconnecting from the world, or at least from WhatsApp when you go on a trip to regain energy.

WhatsApp learn all about the new feature vacation mode or archived chats
WhatsApp learn all about the new feature vacation mode or archived chats

If you’ve been a WhatsApp user for a long time, chances are you’ve heard something about vacation mode on more than one occasion. In short, it is – and refers to – a system that allows you to disconnect from the application when you want to get rid of the daily grind, especially work contacts, although you can apply it to whoever you want.


The first thing to know about vacation mode is that it does not exist as such. The function that we will detail for you was called that at the beginning, but then it changed its name and stayed with the current one: archived chats. Although it may sound very different, it still serves our primary purpose: to obtain a little peace, especially if we are in the middle of a trip.

Vacation mode arrives to filter notifications of archived chats

The mechanic was advertised as a way to avoid annoying notifications from specific groups or contacts, which can be from work or otherwise. Before, WhatsApp allowed you to archive any conversation (group or personal), but these were automatically reactivated every time a new message was received.

Obviously, the option was not much use, because if, for example, you were included in a workgroup (from which you cannot leave for obvious reasons) and you wanted to keep it at bay, it would be useless to file it, because at The moment there is another message, it will return to the main WhatsApp screen.

Well, now it is possible to forget a little about work when you use WhatsApp on your vacation. The option has recently been released and renamed to keep chats archived. This means that now we can archive any conversation and completely forget about it. No pop-up message will get her out of that trunk.


How to use the WhatsApp holiday mode function?

Everything is made possible with a new item within the WhatsApp settings menu. To activate it, just go to settings > chats and enable the new box to keep chats archived.

WhatsApp: learn all about the new feature vacation mode or archived chats
Steps to activate the “vacation mode”. Photo: Xataka Android

When this option is on, any conversation that you archive will be saved forever in the archived chats section. No special message or notification will get you out of there, so it will be easier to ignore it completely.

This falls bare for those group chats that you do not want (or should not) abandon, such as workgroups, the meeting of friends from school, etc. Perhaps a downside is that archived chats can now be accessed from the first line of the conversation list, just above the first contact, but it is still discreet.

The function can also be activated from the files section itself. When you’re there, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right and click on archiving settings. After this, you will be able to activate the box to keep archived chats that we described above.

This function was planned since at least 2018 when WhatsApp itself announced it (with the name vacation mode ). A few months after that, it was reported that the name would be changed to something more descriptive like ignoring chats. Some years later, we finally have this option enabled and it is already one of the user’s favorites.

Leave groups without anyone knowing

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If you are eager to know this fantastic WhatsApp trick, which few people know, all you have to do is follow the steps shown in the following video that soon became a trend on social networks.

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