Gmail: What do the letters Bcc stand for and when should I use it in an email?

Learn what Bcc means in Gmail, as well as CC, an essential tool for sending emails on the platform.

This Tool Is Available In The Web Version Of Gmail

Gmail has become an important application for sending emails at work or in school because it provides us with the tools we require. However, there are some features that are little known by some users, who do not understand what BCC is or when they should use it. Do you want to know what it is? We will explain it to you in this section.

In this regard, it is essential to understand the three concepts that you will encounter when sending an email in Gmail. Here’s what they all mean:

To: The email’s intended recipient. That person or people to whom you are sending them. This information is always public, so if you forward it in copy, everyone who receives it will be able to see who sent it.
CC (Carbon Copy): Allows you to send copies of an email to recipients other than the ones to whom it is addressed. It’s a public version.
Bcc, or Blind Carbon Copy, allows you to send copies of an email to recipients other than the ones to whom it is addressed. It is a private copy, which means that the recipients will not be able to see who sent the email to.

When should you use Bcc in Gmail?
This tool is recommended for use in specific Gmail situations, such as when you do not want the recipient user to receive future messages in the same chain, so they will only receive an exact copy of the message in question and nothing else.

It is also recommended to use it in Gmail contacts with whom you will only interact once or twice, as this will allow you to save storage space by deleting messages that may be deemed unnecessary.

Gmail: to see if they read the email you sent
If you frequently send emails through Gmail and want to confirm that the other person has already reviewed them, there are a few simple methods that will allow you to do so.

Google’s email service includes a native tool that notifies you whether the recipient has read the email you sent. In your inbox, you’ll find notifications that your messages have been read.

How do I send audio files via Gmail emails?
As previously stated, you must install a browser extension. Enter the following URL: There, enter the name ‘Vocal-Send voice messages in Gmail’ in the search bar, or copy and paste it on the web page. Then follow the steps outlined below:

Using the ‘Add extension’ button, add the ‘Vocal-Send voice messages in Gmail’ extension to your Google Chrome account.
Follow the program’s instructions and install it correctly.
You will be given access to the free version by default, which allows for 100 voice messages per week and a maximum duration of 60 seconds per voice note.
Open a new tab and sign in to your Gmail account.
To add a new message, click the ‘+’ icon.
Select the microphone-shaped button in Edit and begin recording your voice memo.
Save the recording, and you’re done! Send it as an attachment to your email.

How do I remove subscription and advertising emails from Gmail?
During the day, it is common for users to receive emails of various types in their Gmail inbox. Among the messages are those that are of interest to us because of their connection to our work centres or their academic nature, as well as emails with advertising content.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of subscribing to dozens of brand promotions in Gmail without even realising it. When you buy something online and enter your contact information, the brand obtains your email address in order to send you mass advertising messages. Fortunately, there is a hidden trick that can assist us in preventing our inbox from becoming overburdened with these types of messages.


Gmail: How to Enable Dark Mode on Android, iOS, and the Web?
Gmail, like other Google applications such as YouTube and Google Maps, allows its users to activate the much-desired dark mode. Most people, however, are unaware of how to do so on an Android phone, an iOS device, or a computer.

In this regard, you should be aware that changing the Gmail theme settings to make it easier to view messages on your mobile device will also allow you to extend the battery life. As a result, we’ll show you how to enable dark mode in Gmail.


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