Instagram Star Jessica Weaver’s Secret Life: The Untold Story

Jessica Weaver Hot

Jessica Weaver: Who is she?

Jessica Weaver was born on November 11th, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, to Danish, German, and American parents. She is the daughter of actor and director John Weaver. To date, she has racked up over eight million Instagram followers under the nickname ‘jessicakes33,’ making her one of the most well-known models on the platform.

Jessica Weaver


How much money does she have now? Assets and Wealth

A vape shop owner and model, Jessica Weaver has a fortune of over $300,000 from the fashion sector and her lingerie ads.


My Early Life: Country of Birth, Ethnicity, and Education

Jessica Weaver grew up in Colorado before moving back to Los Angeles with her family when she was a young girl. The fact that she is an American national, White Caucasian ancestry, and a Christian just adds to her appeal.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is where Jessica studied for her BA in Fashion Design after high school.


Career as a Professional

Jessica worked as a cosmetologist before breaking into the modelling industry. She started an official YouTube channel in December 2011 with the pseudonym ‘JloveTalk,’ however it was later taken down. She became recognised as a’relationship guru’ after posting a series of advise videos on YouTube about relationships and dating.

Jessica started a new YouTube channel in December 2015 called Jessica Cakes. She also grew her following on Instagram by posting provocative and half-naked photos of herself in bathing suits and other intimate clothing. She also has a podcast called “Jessicakes” and her own website,


The short drama film “Bella’s Vida” from 2012 featured Jessica as Bella, a role she tried out for as an actress. She’s also a successful businesswoman in San Gabriel, California, where she owns and operates a vape shop named ‘V-apes.’


Visual Aesthetics and Health Statistics

Hair that was once blonde but had been turned brown

Brown eyes with a hint of hazel

5ft 4ins is his height (1.63m)

Body mass index (BMI) – 48. (58kgs)

Hourglass Body Type

Statisticians report: 37.25.36.

Size of Bra – 35 B

6-toed shoes (US)

Jessica is a major fan of tattoos, and she has them all over her body, including mandalas and other symbols down her left arm. When asked about her plastic surgery, Jessica said she’s had breast implants.

Survivor of Cervical Cancer

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer in August of last year, Jessica Weaver made the announcement on her social media platforms. On the 27th of December of the same year, she had it surgically removed, and it was a success. Jessica even made a video titled “I Healed My Cancer Naturally!” in June of this year.

Personal life: a partner and a place to call home

Jessica Weaver is not single, since she has been in a long-term relationship with J.J. Velasquez. Her guy is a fashion photographer for a living. They have a home in Los Angeles, California, where they are both married. This couple has three dogs since they’re huge animal aficionados.

Interests and Preferences

Jessica likes to do yoga, work out, and go swimming in her spare time. She also enjoys going on vacation and buying new clothes. Chris Evans is her favourite actor, and Keira Knightley is her favourite actress. Fried chicken is Jessica’s favourite food, but she also enjoys Italian.


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